Cenobites- Horrific Humpday aka Netflix Wednesday :

Grabbers is a 2012 creature feature similar to the Attack the Block - Cockney vs. Zombies type of horror comedies that have been released recently. 

The CGI was very well done, considering I am pro-practical effects and the little monsters were pretty believable on-screen. The characters were stereotypical (alcoholic, recently divorced cop and a workaholic, stuck-up female that find a way to fall in love) that offer some laughs along the way.

I did not enjoy this as much as I expected as I was most likely influenced by the glowing reviews. A couple called it the booziest (ok, I’ll accept that), funniest (eh), goriest (not even close) film since 1987. (x)

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Who Knew That Being Drunk All The Time Could Save Your Life.

Watch the scary & hilarious Grabbers U.S Trailer