I remember having a conversation with my friend in the wake of the independence referendum. Primarily around the state of the Labour Party. The Labour Party that our grandfathers and fathers had voted for had ceased to exist the moment that Tony Blair took over and they became New Labour and moved the party over to the right. You know, to appeal to the Daily Hate readers. The party took Scotland and their votes for granted as it stayed in power until The Sun removed its backing for now Prime Minister Gordon Brown. This was in spite of Brown appearing at the front door of 10 Downing Street shaking hands with Margaret Thatcher, the scourge of the working classes, in an apparent attempt to appeal to Middle England. It didn’t work, and Labour were turfed out of power in May 2010 and we’ve five years of cuts, misery, and the spineless actions of the Lib Dems who betrayed pretty much every one of their beliefs in order to have a seat at the big table. Then of course, there was the independence referendum. I will never forget the fact that Labour stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Tories, campaigning with them at the same rallies. Not to mention that they also stood with UKIP as they told us lie after lie about what would happen to Scotland if we voted Yes. I won’t forget the way that Jim Murphy, now Scottish Labour leader, danced about, kissing Better Together supporters. I also won’t forget the fact that Jim Murphy has said in recent weeks that he would help wipe out Scottish poverty by scrapping the bedroom tax. That’ll be the same bedroom tax that you voted for in the first place, Jim? Scottish Labour has taken Scotland for granted and it’s utterly shameful that we have areas of this city where 50% of population live below the poverty line. And yet, we elect Labour MPs time and time again, and time and time again they do nothing. Because their seats were safe. People were apathetic, people voted for the party that the Daily Record tell them to vote for. Because, absolutely, the Tories are fucking awful. But when Scottish Labour are offering no alternative, why should we continue to vote for them?

Not this time. Their seats are up for grabs. They are panicking and bringing out the usual scaremongering about if Scotland doesn’t vote for Labour, then this will sweep the Tories to power. Funny, I’m sure Scotland voted Labour last time round and, whoops, we got a Tory government. I’m also reminded of an interview with Labour peer George Foulkes. When asked his thoughts on how the SNP were doing now that they were the party in power in the Scottish Parliament, he said “the SNP are on a very dangerous tack. What they are doing is trying to build up a situation in Scotland where the services are manifestly better than south of the border in a number of areas.”

Interviewer: ”Is that a bad thing?”

Lord George Foulkes: “No, but they are doing it deliberately.”

And this shows you the level of contempt that they have for the country. This complacency must cost them at this election. This is why I will be voting for the SNP.

Sorry, went off on a tangent there. The conversation arose around the term “Red Tories” as a label for Scottish Labour.

Me: “I was wondering if Blue Labour would have been better than Red Tories. What do you think?

Friend: “I think we should just call them cunts.”

Quite apt, it certainly is fitting.

General election 2015. May 7th. Red Tories Out.

The West has killed more girls than the Taliban have. The West has denied more girls an education via their missiles than the Taliban has by their bullets. The West has done more against education around the world than extremists could ever dream of.
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See you all at the cemetery! 

The UK has always been an imperialist construct, set up to protect and further the interests of the rich. There was a brief period after the Second World War when it sought to be something more. So we had the emergence of a post war consensus and the welfare state.

I was a benefactor of that consensus. I took evening classes at the local college for a pound, had my university fees paid, obtained a full student grant, and benefited from universal healthcare. For the social equivalent of me today, making this progress would be impossible without accruing a lifetime of debt and becoming no better than a slave – fuck that bullshit. All that has now gone, and the Labour Party will not be bringing it back. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were no aberrations; they were the natural progression of a movement that has ‘evolved’ from its radical roots into a centre-right focus group-driven party of power. Now, on a policy level, they chase middle England votes, while lecturing working class people on their ‘duty to vote’ (Labour), in order to ‘keep the Tories out’.

—  Brave and honest words from Irvine Welsh, taken from this article (8 Sept 2014) on Scotland, Britain, and the upcoming independence referendum.

There are people in the world who know no misery and woe. And they take comfort in cheerful films about twittering birds and giggling elves. There are people who know that there’s always a mystery to be solved. And they take comfort in researching and writing down any important evidence. But this story is not about such people. This story is about the Baudelaires. And they are the sort of people who know that there’s always something. Something to invent, something to read, something to bite, and something to do, to make a sanctuary, no matter how small. And for this reason, I am happy to say, the Baudelaires were very fortunate indeed. 

The Extended Multiversal Batman Family by Nate Stockman and Simon Gough

Wow. Well, this is my largest commission to date, and possibly my favorite. This whole thing started when I commissioned Nate Stockman to draw all of the Robins for me. I loved that piece, and later asked Nate to draw most of the Bat-Ladies as a companion piece. Well, Nate made it look like those two commissions were placed on separate side of the same rooftop, so who would be in the middle? A bunch of Batmen, that’s who! The complete black & white commission is made up of seven pieces of Bristol board and it is just huge! Of course I wanted this thing colored so I hit up Simon Gough to work his magic on it, and here it is!

I cannot begin to describe how much I love this commission. Nate captured the different qualities of the various characters perfectly, from the pure fun of Dick Grayson to Damian’s attitude to AzBats’s scariness to Bruce’s confidence to Misfit’s joy to Huntress’s badassness. And just how he arranged them all together and somehow made this whole commission work even though it was never originally intended to include so many characters and be so big! My hat is eternally off to Nate. And then Simon came in and made it even more incredible with his beautiful colors! Not just the characters, but also look at that sky and the clouds and colors in it! And how the red part of the sky reflects on come of the costumes! I also love how brightly the Robins are colored and how the Batmen’s section is the darkest. Simon is one of the best colorists around, and this just helps to prove that. Nate and Simon, I love you guys forever!

The Robins consist of: Helena WayneJason ToddDick GraysonTom Wayne,Stephanie BrownTim DrakeCarrie KellyDamian Wayne and Robin 1000000

The Batmen consist of: Batman 1000000Terry McGinnisJean-Paul Valley,Batman JuniorBruce WayneBrane TaylorSir William the Bat KnightBatsmanand Damian Wayne

The Bat-Ladies consist of: Bat-Girl (Bette Kane)Kingdom Come BatwomanMisfit,Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)Batgirl (Stephanie Brown)Batgirl (Cassandra Cain),Batwoman (Kate Kane)Batwoman (Kathy Kane) and Huntress (Helena Bertinelli)

See the largest version (along with many work in progress shots) here.