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Exactly. Tooru strives to bring out the inner strength in each of his teammates. He has an insightful understanding of the game that brings out the strength in everyone. So let me ask you again. Oikawa is.. Intelligent, Compassionate, Cunning, Sharp, Confident, Sly, a Leader, Commendable, Admirable, Decisive, Skillful, Lighthearted, Carefree, Intense, Focused, Masterly, Perceptive, or Encouraging? That's right, you can't choose one due to the enticing beauty of his character, inside and out.


To all my stressed friends

Just started to play Flower (By the same gaming developper of Journey) and it’s so relaxing - seriously if you are an anxious person or stressed in general I recommend playing this so much! It’s just so simple, so smoothing. Really!

You play as the wind, blowing petals of flowers to regenerate part of desolated lands. It’s adorable and easy to play - there’s no time restriction, you play as slowly as you want - or fast as you want. It’s controlled by the PS3 motion sensor and a simple, any button press.

As I read the game is only available on PS3 sadly. I play on the Journey Collector’s Edition, Flower is in it, along with Flow, of course Journey and other mini-games. It’s about 24 USD for a cute and antistress friendly pack of games.
(If you know it’s available someway else, please let me know!)