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What does your bf think about your "crush" (or whatever you wanna ball it) on Cal?

I don’t feel the need to tell him that, like Cal is not a threat for him in that sense I am not in love with Cal, I am highly attracted to him & love him but not in that way & I’d doubt that I would ever get into a situation where Cal would go for me, I wouldn’t cheat on him anyways, he is one of the best things that happened to me lately

he knows that I love 5sos as a band and he didn’t say any bad word about them which made me happy, he has a similar music taste as me, we will go to ATL concert in August together

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ITS NOT AN AU BUT bro strider, lil cal, losing my mind

ahhhh i went a bit… longer here… but i really like this prompt wow. sorry, i didn’t proof read this so there may be errors!

It just keeps happening. 

The voices. It seems like everyday they get louder, more aggressive, and almost more lewd. You keep making excuses, keep saying it’s probably some kids messing with you, or it’s just the wind, but you’re not that dumb, and you’re certainly not easily fooled.

You try to just ignore them, push them to the back of your mind like they’re not there, because hell, they have not always been there, but that never works. They just get louder, like they need your attention, it’s unnerving. 

What makes it worse is the voices almost… flirt with you. Like they catcall you, and sure, you openly admit you find yourself attractive, but not at this level, not to this point. They can’t be in your mind. They almost sound distant sometimes.

You’ve tried medicine, just to throw that option out, and all it did was put you in sour moods or make you sleep all day. The only thing that even makes you feel safe anymore is your hat. You almost use that as protection, like it could block out the voices and you tend not to take it off, even yell at people who try. You need it.

But the voices never stopped. 

You try not to make it obvious, try to cover up what’s going on to Dave, he’s only ten you doubt he would understand. You want to function like a normal adult, but it’s tough when you don’t even feel like yourself in your own house. You’ve found the voices aren’t as loud when you leave the house, so you frequently leave for any reason you can find. 

There are some moments when the voices don’t speak at all, and those moments you can actually relax, you can actually feel peaceful. Until they start up again. They say such horrible things, such disgusting things, sometimes they fixate on Dave, even tell you to do bad things to him, and those are the moments you really lose it. 

You tend to throw yourself into a strife with him when that happens. You don’t mean to be as ruthless as you are in those times, but you can’t help it, and you try to apologize to him in your own little way afterwards. You think Dave might understand, might know you use that as a stress reliever, you hope he knows you’d never hurt him on purpose. At least you say it enough for him to know. 

The voices have not spoken in a few hours now, you’re starting to get hope that you’ll have a good night, that you can actually sleep. You sat on the futon, idly flipping through the channels with your buddy Lil Cal next to you, his hand on your thigh like normal. Careful there, buddy, keep it PG in case the lil man walks in! He doesn’t listen, you don’t mind, you love that puppet. 

And you openly admit that, murmuring little ‘love yous’ to him every chance it crosses your mind. Dave hears you sometimes and says you sound forced when you say it, like you don’t actually mean it, but you wave him off. Cal is your best friend, you can tell him anything, and you do, frequently, while you lie in bed together with him. You tell him all your secrets. 

You settled on a documentary on lions for now, tossing the remote onto the coffee table in from of you. Five minutes later and that’s when you heard it.

“Hoo hoo.” Fuck. 

“Hee hee.” Why this.

“Haa haa.” You stood now, desperately glancing around the room, like you were trying to pinpoint the voice that kept laughing into your ear. You started to get paranoid, walking around the room and moving things around, flipping furniture a bit as the voices started to get louder. 

Nothing was helping, you couldn’t find the source of it so you settled back onto the couch, fishing the remote out and turning the volume up on the television like that would help.

Dave walked out of his room a few seconds later, peering out at you from the threshold of his door, you didn’t look up so he walked over to you. He was still short, barely coming up to your stomach when you were standing, but now, while you were sitting his face was even with yours so you didn’t bother looking up. You kept your hands in your lap, twitcing nervously against the fabric. 

“Bro.” You shook your head, you didn’t want to talk, and he seemed to understand that. 

He lingered for a second before pulling his leg up to press into the side of the couch, climbing up to sit in your lap. You were startled momentarily, moving your hands over to hover at his sides, unsure, but he presses into your chest, head resting on your shoulder as his arms squeeze your neck and you allow yourself this brief moment, your own big arms wrapping around his small back, holding him tight. 

Moments like this rarely happened, but when they did you would remember why you even kept on living, kept dealing with this mental torture, kept on fighting. For him, it was always for him. You tightened your hold on him for a second, pressing your face into his neck and he gave your back a comforting pat. “Bro, can I sleep with you tonight?”

“Yeah.” You mumble, loosening your grip to let him pull away. You stood up after him, turning to grab Lil Cal. His hand stopped yours’, pulling it away from the puppet. 

“Just us.” You couldn’t argue with that so you grabbed Cal and put him away in his chest, then reached down to pick Dave up, carrying him to his room. You planned to just leave when he falls asleep, but when you drop him into bed and fit yourself into his side, he turned and snuggled into your chest, wrapping his smaller arms around your torso and you doubt you could pull away even if you wanted to. “Goodnight, Bro.”

“Goodnight, lil man.” You stayed there, petting the back of his head until he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. You didn’t sleep just yet, rather stared at the wall behind him, listening to his breathing. And that’s when you realized. 

You had not heard the whispering since Dave walked over to you. 

The Good Kind of Silence - Calum Hood imagine

“hey! can you do one where Calum gives you the silent treatment and he’s totally not joking and y/n takes it personally and threatens to leave and then you take it from there! please and thank you! btw your blog>>>>everything” - Anonymous

summary: calum gives you the silent treatment and it causes you two to fight.

a/n: ok this request was a bit confusing to my pea-sized brain so forgive me if this is not what u wanted!!!  the “totally not joking” threw me off idk if that’s sarcasm or not??? idk i tried here u go pal

“Cal?” you whispered, lying behind him on your shared bed. He didn’t respond, he only continued to scroll through Twitter. You sighed, scooting a little closer to him so that your bodies were touching. He hadn’t spoken to you all day since you were play-fighting and accidentally offended him. It was an accident, and you apologized millions of times, but to no avail. Calum still refused to talk to you.

“C’mon, baby, please talk to me. Say something, anything.” you pleaded, beginning to trace the tattoo on his bicep. He pulled away from you, getting out of the bed and walking out of the room. “I said I’m sorry!” you called out after him. He turned around and looked at you for a second, and you thought he was finally going to say something. He didn’t. He just shook his head and continued walking downstairs.

You debated following him for a while, but you didn’t want to piss him off even more. Calum had given you the silent treatment before, but it never lasted this long and he never seemed this serious about it–and it took a lot to get Calum mad. Normally, he would forgive you as soon as you apologized, but this was different, and you began to wonder if it was more than that one little remark that pissed him off.

Ultimately, you decided against bothering him anymore than you already have in fear that he would just get more angry. With nothing else to do, you curled into a ball on your mattress as tears began to form in your eyes. Calum meant so much to you, and this sudden silence in him that you were unable to break provoked fear inside of your chest. Quiet sobs escaped your throat as you heard somebody walk back up the stairs. You quickly wiped your eyes as if to act like nothing was wrong and sat upright on the bed, pulling out your phone.

A shirtless Calum rounded the corner and entered your room, not looking at you once. He picked a shirt off of the floor and pulled it over his head, walking back out. Not once did he look your way.

You pulled out your phone and texted him.

Calum, please talk to me.

Just a few seconds later, you saw that he read it. But he didn’t respond.

Babe, seriously. you’re scaring me.


Should I just leave?


And with that, you decided to pack your stuff and go. If he wasn’t going to tell you what was wrong so that you could fix it, you couldn’t be around him. You didn’t want this to be a breakup, but maybe if you stayed at a friend’s house for a couple days he would get the message and come get you back. You hoped to god that he would come to get you back.

Tears were rolling down your cheeks uncontrollably as you shoved your things into your black duffle bag. Footsteps jotted up the staircase, and out of the corner of your eye, you saw Calum walk right past the door. But then he froze and turned back around, coming into the room where you were packing up.

“What are you doing?” He asked. You just looked at him, eyes red and puffy, chewing on your lip to prevent yourself from sobbing. You sniffed and opened your mouth to speak, but you knew that if you said anything, you would break down.

“(Y/N). Talk to me.” Calum demanded as he spun you around when you turned away from him. He pulled your shirt out of your hand and threw it on the floor. He grabbed both your shoulders and ducked his head in attempt to make eye contact.

“Why should I, Cal? Why should I fucking talk to you when I have been asking the same fucking thing from you all day? You don’t deserve to be spoken to.” You shouted, pulling your shoulders out of his grasp. You reached for the shirt you attempted to pack, but Calum grabbed your wrist before you could do so.

“Let go of me.” You demanded.

“No.” He said. You looked into his eyes with fury burning inside of you, but when you saw the look on his face, your gaze softened. He looked genuinely upset, rather than the distant, empty Calum you’ve been talking at all day.

“I’m sorry. I am so, so, sorry. I was just playing around and I guess I took it way too far. I love you so much, please don’t leave.” He begged, tears springing to his eyes. You bit your tongue as you threw yourself into his chest. He kissed the top of your head and in return, you kissed his chin.

“Can we just cuddle?” you said weakly. Calum nodded and lead you to the bed where you spent the rest of the day in the good kind of silence.



“That’s so cool.” She giggled, her hand grazing my arm. I smiled back, taking a sip of my drink and nodding at her. Michael nudged me, but I ignored him as the blonde in front of me began to speak again. “So how-”

“Ashton!” A different voice interrupted, a different hand grabbing my free one. I turn my head to find Y/N looking up at me with desperate eyes, her grip on my hand tightening. “Dance with me!”

“Not now Y/N.” I tell her, my eyes darting back to the girl I’d been talking to. I send her an apologetic smile, before looking back at Y/N. “Go and find Cal or Luke.”

“I don’t want them! I want you!” She whines, and my heart speeds up rapidly.

“What about that guy you were dancing with? What happened to him?” I ask, hoping my voice sounds regularly normal.

“I don’t want to dance with him any more.” She mutters, looking down. “He…I just don’t okay?”

“What did he do?” I ask her, lacing my fingers through hers and grasping her hand tightly. “Y/N did he hurt you because I swear-”

“He didn’t.” She cuts me off, shaking her head rapidly. “But he wanted to leave with me and I didn’t want to go with him so I really need you to dance with me.”


“There you are.”

I’m yet again cut off, but this time it isn’t by Y/N. Her eyes widen, and she spins around to face the man who now had joined our group. Y/N still grips my hand tightly.

“I thought you’d run off.” He grins. “C’mon babe, let’s go.”

“I don’t know who you are.” I tell him, pulling Y/N back against my chest and wrapping my arm around her waist securely. “But I can assure you my girlfriend won’t be leaving with you.”

“Girlfriend? You’re joking right? She’s been dancing with me all night, and you’ve obviously been with this one.” The guy chuckles, gesturing at the blonde and stepping forward. I rise to my full height as Y/N takes a small step backwards, my arm tightening around her waist.

“We had a fight on the way here.” I shrug. “Thought we’d see who can make the other more jealous. Obviously that’s over now. So you can go.”

I smile at him, and he sighs before turning and leaving. Once he’s out of sight, Y/N turns to me, the biggest smile on her face.

“You are amazing!” She grins, Leaning up and pressing a kiss on my cheek before spinning to face the girl beside us. “He’s a real catch you know. Have fun!”

She grins at me again before dashing off, and I let out a sigh.

“You can go after her if you want.” A voice breaks me out of my thoughts and I turn to see the blonde girl smiling knowingly at me. “You obviously like her. So go.”

“I don’t-”

“He’s very grateful that you are so understanding and is sorry he led you on anyway.” Michael interrupts, giving me a shove. “But he fancies the pants off of our friend Y/N and is now going to go after her.”

“Honestly, it’s fine.” She smiles, nodding at me. “Go get her.”

I smile gratefully, kissing her cheek and mumbling sorry before searching for Y/N. She catches my eye and I weave my way through the bodies surrounding us until I’m standing in front of her. Her eyes light up, and I can’t help the grin that takes over my face.

“Fancy that dance?”


“Come on Y/N!”

“No Michael. I’m not doing it.”

“You’re impossible!” I groan, closing my eyes and placing my head on the table. When she doesn’t respond, I peek up at her to see her looking at me with her eyebrows raised. “What?”

“Do you not think you’re being a bit dramatic?” She asks, causing me to pout. “Oh come on Michael it isn’t the end of the world.”

“You promised you’d come with me!” I exclaim, leaning my forearms on the table. “You can’t break a promise!”

“Michael,” She sighs. “I didn’t promise…”

“Yes you did!” I almost shout, ignoring the way she glances around the cafe. “I said will you go with me and you said yes of course.”

“That isn’t a promise”

“Might as well be.”

“I don’t see why it’s so important that I go to this party with you.” She sighs, leaning back in her chair. “I mean, all of the boys will be there.”

“Yes. And all of them will be in work mode.”

You’re going to be in work mode.”

“But if you come I have an excuse to not be in it the whole time.”

She sighs again, her eyes scanning my face. I flutter my eyelashes at her, and a giggle falls from her lips.

“Alright idiot.” She nods. “I’ll go to the party with you where I’ll know approximately five people and smile and pretend like I know what everyone is talking about even though I have no clue.”

“You’re an actual angel sent from God himself.” I gush, and she rolls her eyes at me, standing from her seat. “Where are you going?”

“Toilet. That okay with you?” She asks, already walking away. I chuckle to myself, taking a sip of my drink as the woman on the table beside ours turn to face me.

“If you don’t mind me saying,” She smiles. “the pair of you make a lovely couple.”

“Oh we’re not…she’s not…we’re just…” I stutter, my cheeks flushed. “Best friends. That’s what we are.”

“Oh I’m so sorry!” She exclaims, her eyebrows raising in shock. “It’s just the way you interact with each other, and asking her to go with you as your date, I just assumed.”

“No, best friends.” I nod, my eyes glancing towards the direction Y/N had gone before returning to the woman. “Nothing more.”

“Well, for what it’s worth, you’d make a lovely couple should that ever change.” She smiles, before turning back to her laptop. I open my mouth, but close it again after beginning to think about her comment. Lately, our friendship had changed slightly, a shift that neither of us had mentioned but was evidently there. Maybe we were toeing the line that separated friends and something more.

“So do I have to dress up for this thing?” Y/N asks, dropping back into her chair and snapping me from my 

“I’m going in my jeans.” I shrug.

“That’s because you don’t own any other trousers.” She retorts, and I flip her off as she takes another drink. “Seriously, what do I need to wear?”

“Wear whatever you like, you look beautiful in everything you wear anyway.” I tell her, furrowing my eyebrows when I realise what I’d said. Y/N blushes, her gaze falling to her hands.

“Thanks Mikey.” She mumbles, a small smile on her lips.

“It’s the truth.” I reply, and she looks up to smile at me. I smile back, but can’t help the feeling that maybe we weren’t best friends any more. We were something. Or at least, almost something.


I race from the taxi, darting through the crowds and through the doors into the airport. I spin in place, searching for the flight descriptions until my eyes land on the black and yellow board. I dash over, searching for the next flight to Sydney, my mind wandering to earlier in the day.

“Luke I’m tired of this.” Y/N sighed.

“Then go back to the bus.” I reply, not looking up from my phone.

“I’m not talking about sitting backstage.” 

“Then what are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about us.” She mutters, and I twist my head to look at her.

“You’re tired of us?” I ask, and she nods, her eyes on mine.

“We’re barely a couple since I came on tour with you. We just share a bed and sit next to each other. I have more of a relationship with your stylist. And I’m tired of it. I love you Luke, but I can’t live like this. So unless you have a reason for me to stay, I’m going home.” She explains, standing up and leaving the dressing room. I gape at her, but remain in my seat.

“Come on, she can’t have gone yet.” I mutter, unable to find any flight back home. I run over to the check in desks, desperate for answers. 

“Hi.” I breath, taking a deep breath as the man behind the desk chirps a cheery greeting back. “Flights to Sydney. Today. When was the last one and when’s the next?”

“Well sir,” He smiles, looking at his computer. “The next flight to Sydney isn’t for a few hours, but the last one left about an hour ago.”

My eyes widen in horror and I rake my hand through my hair.

“Do you have a passenger list for that flight?” I ask pleadingly, only to receive a frown from the man.

“I’m afraid I can’t give you that information sir.”

“Please, I need to know if my girlfriend was on that flight.”

“Unless you’re going to purchase a ticket or check in sir, I’m afraid there is nothing more I can do.”

A frustrated groan leaves my lips, and I push away from the desk, going back towards the exit dejectedly. I almost reach the door when my eyes land on a girl sitting on her suitcase, her eyes locked on the high ceiling.

“Y/N?” I ask, my voice cracking slightly. Her head moves so our eyes meet, and she stands up slowly, only to have me pull her into my arms. Tentatively, she wraps her arms around my neck, and I nuzzle my face into her neck. “I almost lost you.”

“You didn’t lose me Lukey.” She mumbles, her hand threading into my hair. I pull back to look at her, my arms still locked around her waist.

“I thought you’d gotten on that plane.” I tell her seriously. “But the man wouldn’t give me the passenger list and I was seriously considering buying a plane ticket for the next flight to chase you.”

“I was going to buy one.” She replies, her eyes watering slightly. “But then I thought I was over reacting, or that you didn’t actually want me to go or-”

“I don’t.” I cut her off, my hands moving to cup her face. “I’m such an idiot for letting you walk out. I should have stopped you. I didn’t even tell you I love you too, or fight for you, and I’m the world’s biggest idiot but you have to promise me you’ll stay because I’ll fix us. It’ll be worth it. I promise.”

She nods and I smash my lips to hers, pulling her closer without the intention of letting her get away ever again.


We lie side by side on the hotel bed, attempting to catch our breaths but unable to due to our laughter. It didn’t help that we’d fled from Michael’s room seconds before, where we’d swapped all of his clothes for dresses.

“Michael’s…going…to…kill…us.” Y/N’s words were punctuated with giggles.

I turn to grin at her, but her eyes are squeezed shut as she continues to laugh.

“I wish we’d seen his face.” I chuckle, and Y/N only laughs harder.

“We should have had a camera man!” She laughs, and I nod despite the fact her eyes are still closed.

“Or at least hidden one in the room.” I agree, finally managing to stop laughing. I stay silent as Y/N’s giggles soften, her eyes twinkling as she finally opens them and turns to face me. She grins, and I can’t ignore the way my heart beat speeds up even more.

“So what do we do now?” She asks, and I raise an eyebrow to question her silently. “If we want to live, we can’t stay near Michael.”

“Oh you mean a survival plan.” I nod, beaming at her. “Well, obviously I’ll have to quit the band. We should probably move countries too, just to be safe. We could go to Scotland, I have family there.”

“So we go to Scotland.” She nods seriously, but the smile on her face and the sparkle in her eyes tells me she finds it as funny as I do. “What would we do there?”

“We could open a shop.” I muse. “Or a cafe! Michael would never think we’d do that.”

“We could call it Runaway Cafe.”

“Perfect. And I’ll dye my hair completely blond.”

“No you won’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s blond enough.” She giggles, using her free hand to play with my fringe. I hum as her fingers rake through it, before she takes it away again. “Would we keep our names?”

“We’d need new identities.” I nod. “We can be Adam and Dempsey Croy.”

“Why do we need the same last name?”

“Didn’t I mention we were getting married?” I ask, biting my lip as I wait for her reaction. Her smile softens, and she laces her fingers with mine.

“We aren’t even in a relationship Cal.” She tells me. “And anyway, that’s no way to propose.”

“We might as well be.” I tell her, squeezing her hand. She doesn’t say anything, just smiles at me again. “I’m right aren’t I?”

“Calum.” She sighs, here eyes scanning my face before they return to mine. “You aren’t making sense.”

“I’m making perfect sense and you know it.” I shoot back. “Me and you, might as well be a couple.”

“Calum.” She repeats as a warning as I lean closer.

“Tell me to stop.” I tell her, my forehead meeting hers. I glance between her eyes and her lips, waiting for her to stop me. She nods slightly, and I move to close the distance when a loud banging echoes through the room.

“YOU TWO BETTER OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW!” Michael yells, and I sigh as Y/N pulls away, going to the door.

“Cal.” She calls, pausing at the end of the bed. I sit up and look up at her expectantly, and she smiles at me. “You were right.”