dancing around to hot stuff by donna summer is optional (but encouraged)

If you ever want red or pink candles for a love spell but you’ve only got white or something, sure, those’ll work, but another option is to colour the candles.

And I’ve heard a lot of great tips on how to do that but here’s my advice:

Put on your reddest of red lipsticks. Kiss that candle all over. Get really into it, if you like. (It’s fun and useful! ;D)

Depending on the intensity of the shade of your lipstick and how much you put on (more applications = more colour, generally), you’ll end up with a light red or pink candle.

(but do be careful making sure there’s nothing in your lipstick you wouldn’t feel comfortable burning, and practice the usual candle safety as always!)

continuants said:

i recently got a sample of the balm's stainiac and I love the look but hate the texture on my lips. do you have any great lip stain recs?

I like long wearing lipsticks more than lip stains usually…. Stila’s Stay All Day Lipstain is great, I think you’d really like the pink shades. I think YSL’s Lip Stain is also my favorite because it’s so not-drying it hardly feels like  stain at all. You can layer it multiple times into a gloss, like magic. The Revlon Lip Stains are probably my favorite drugstore lip product and I have usually have one with me at all time. Not drying! BUY THEM ALL

cloakedlambdolly said:

My cloaked lamb dolly bow rimmed wool, darling sweetest, can you write me an author meme written on petals from cottontail paw prints written in ink. Oh how I love you so, darling sweet.

( oh my dolly lamb I’d be more honored to then gardens are to grow in the midst of comets I love you ever so much)

She was a dolly faery cloaked in the wool of lambs, the laughter of newly born infants, the slight turn of angels heads. she was children tucked in the sheets of canopy beds in the middle of meadows, clumps of dew that swirled in the whispers of garden dolls wearing cotton socks and frilly bows, she was honey suckle and sugar cane, baby clothes and pixie wings, the sweet dreams of slumbering beings. she was magic, moon gloss, sun rays, tucked in blanketed tulips dancing with daisies, dancing with chamomile under the glow of  little lights that settle on skin like new leaves, she was a darling rimmed candy carousel floating in the clouds, miles and miles of twirling ponies in dreamland.

[ETUDE HOUSE] Review: Color POP Shine tint Mini - #12


Hello everyone! Today I bring you my review about “Color POP Shine tint Mini - #12” Let’s see first what is this product.


Description: is a 3-in-1 magic gloss tint that glides on in a perfect combination of smoothness and shine, with a lip stain formula that provides vivid color and long lasting shine.  

Weight: 2g

Size: 5cm

Color System: 


How to use: Use tip to gather and apply tint. Apply extra layer for added coverage and color.









This is the first lip tint I try. Initially I was afraid of how it would look since the pigmentation of my lips is quite complicated in addition to naturally my lips are very dry, I feared that the tint would slinks through the cracks of my lips and give a horrible finish.

But this tint left me really surprised.

Its application is quite easy, you just pass the brush when satisfied with the tone. It didn’t dry my lips which helped to not notice the cracks of my lips. The duration of color is about 4-5 hours if you not eat or drink anything. If you eat or drink lasts less, about 2 to 3 hours.

The size is cute but is complicated when putting it in a bag as it can easily be lost. Also due to the size and amount of product that brings the package, you can spend quickly if given just a very constant use.

I must conclude by saying that I am completely happy with the product.



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