I’m starting the OB of a new game by X-Legend a.k.a the makers of Eden Eternal. It’s really, REALLY, REALLY, cute so far. I’ve screamed 50 thousand mother fucking times. I’ve only been through character creation though. D:

[x] Link to the game. DL it and play with me ;o

Alright so I’ve been playing Spirit Tales a bit and I have to say I’m enjoying it so far.
It’s a lot like Eden Eternal in many ways, which is typical because they’re both from X-Legend, but that’s great because I loved EE until it went down the drain mostly thanks to Aeria and they’re dumb bullshit.
look at my cute ass character, Delirium on that one recommend server.
I decided to go with the tank class, warrior, which is great 10 levels into the game. The UI is fine, a lot of the controls and such are similar to EE and that’s understandable, after all why fix what isn’t broken? Of course there are differences, the skill system is similar but different and I got to say I like it. Spending money and CP was a pain and I’m glad it’s not making a come back.
The art and graphics are really cartoon-y, bright, colorful, which is enjoyable especially since everything looks so neat and finished. It reminds me a lot of games like Animal Crossing in the art, only you’re running around killing monsters.
I can’t say I really have any complaints so far. Also, being that it’s still in open beta, there are many things to come and improve so it’s not like I’m facing the final product here.
Also, especially compared to EE, the pet system is really nice. There is also no class switching, which while made EE fun and interesting proved to be a bit of a problem and hassle at times. Then three races that help separate the classes are also nice and all well, cute.
Anyways, looking forward to playing more of this.

Raging Fyah - Jah Glory by VP RECORDS Download the “Destiny” album:

Raging Fyah’s “Jah Glory” is featured on their 2nd studio album, “Destiny”. Released in 2014.

Raging Fyah is one of the most talented and dynamic groups ever to hit the Jamaican music scene. Divinely united in 2006, five stunning musicians- Anthony Watson, Kumar Bent, Courtland White, Demar Gayle and Delroy Hamilton – set out to rekindle a flame of positivity in the music industry.

Though their versatility enables them to play all genres of music, most of their songs - influenced by passion, purpose and life experiences- assume a roots rock reggae flavour.

They write their own songs and ensure that every word touches the soul of the listener, uplifting and motivating people from all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. The resulting melodies have been commonly likened legendary artistes such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Third World. The band also has its own recording label, Raging Fyah Productions, which produced their debut single “Peace Reigns”, followed by “Fight” as well as other work in the pipelines for several popular reggae and dancehall artistes.
The Band is committed to changing the world, note by note, melody by melody- spreading light in areas of darkness, growing when conditions seem most bleak, demolishing obstacles without remorse; the band just keeps blazing… like a raging fyah!

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Instagram: May 22, 2015 at 12:37PM

Prayer, intercession, the like

Prayer for others is such a joy and honor!

One of the reasons we intercede is because Jesus intercedes. Yet another, the fact that God moves through His body (those people in Christ Jesus), means that His will is being carried out through the believers/Christians/disciples/etc.

Praying for others is not just your will, its the heart of God. You are able to see a good glimpse of the intense aggressive persistence of the love of God when you intercede for another/others.

In prayer, the Hand of God moves.

Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter @simone_agape on this day, 24 years ago she blessed me with #UnconditionalLove that has taught me the true meaning of love! I am so proud of you my college Senior. I love you more than words can explain. I thank God for you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful princess that has grown and matured into a beautiful woman. Continue to walk into your purpose and continue to give God all the glory. #Celebrate #Love #PurposeDriven #Destiny.