in the movie, minho told thomas that he’s already mapped every inch of the glade and that alby told him not to tell anyone so everyone would still have hope and my mind immediately flashed to when newt was telling thomas about the runners and how they were workin’ to get them out. that because of them there was hope. that’s when i realized that alby and minho hadn’t even told newt. alby mentioned the “dark days” and hinted that gladers whose names had been crossed out on the wall were lost to them ending their lives. but that was before there was order. sound familiar? remember how newt was ranting about order in the books? this might just be canon in the movie but alby and minho didn’t want newt to lose hope again and both mutually agreed to hide the truth from him. they didn’t want to cross out another name on that wall. 

Saw The Maze Runner movie

*note:if you have not read the book nor seen the movie ignore this post. SPOILER ALERT*

when the movie started with the elevator scene:


when i first saw the Glade:


whenever Newt (Thomas Brodie Sangster) appeared on screen with his attractive accent:




whenever Gally did/said something stupid and irrational:

when Teresa showed up:


when i first saw the Maze:


when i first saw a Griever:


when something unexpectedly happens:


when the Grivers got inside the Glade:


when Alby died:


when they cracked the code to escape the Maze:



when they were just about to leave the building and Gally shows up:


when Chuck dies:



after the movie finished:


how i feel about Dylan O’Briens performance:


how i feel about The Maze Runner now:

 The movie was a-MAZE-ing!!!!!

"Eventually we learn that all of the young men put in The Glade are test subjects in WCKD’s attempt to save humanity.  We’re told these are the young human beings who might save us. And…they are all men?  Sure, Teresa (Kaya Scodelario) is the last edition, but is that just because she and Thomas were friends working on the project at one time?  All we’re gonna say is that unless there was another Maze with a bunch of fiercely independent ladies in it in another part of the desert novelist and series creator James Dashner has some legitimate explaining to do in the sequel.”
- Gregory Ellwood



The Maze Runner- Movie- Review~

A great movie but did little justice to the the book.

When a boy wakes up in a moving elevator, he realized he has lost his memory. When he reaches the top he is greeted by other boys, who have created a society inside of a base. However there are tall walls that surround the base and inside it is a maze. In order to survive the group must complete the maze, but it’s not as easy as it sounds to do.

The first half of the film was spot on and every little detail was perfect. The cast, the acting and even the glade all matched what I visioned it to be. However as the movie continued on I noticed a bunch of things that the movie changed and they even changed the ending which really bothered me.

However, ignoring the facts that many details were removed, the movie was really good. Out of a possible ten mazes, the maze runner movie receives an 8/10!

remember in the movie when everyone was in the glade running from the grievers but were having a hard time helping alby get away? and because of that a griever was closing in on them and for a moment it seemed like the end? but THEN BAM! BADASS NEWT APPEARS AND THROWS A SPEAR IN IT’S MOTHERFUCKING FACE THEN WHIPS OUT HIS KNIFE LIKE ‘BITCH THAT’S MY BOYFRIEND’ 


  • headcanon where newt used to wear glasses. like rlly clunky ones with thick black frames bc his vision fucking sucked but WCKD fixed it when his parents handed him over. and then in the maze he never understood why sometimes he’d brush the bridge of his nose in times of stress but thomas thought it was rlly adorable
  • headcanon where newt’s real name is isaac and how he hATES it when his his parents used to call him that and he still hates in the glade
  • but headcanon where thomas is the only one that can call newt ‘isaac’ and he does it all the time bc thomas is a lil bitch and wants to annoy him and every time it happens newt socks him in the arm and thomas just laughs and laughs
  • headcanon where they literally cannot keep their hands off each other so when newt gets up from their group to go to the bedroom thomas forces himself to stay and wait so it doesn’t get suspicious and so nobody realizes what they’re doing
  • only everybody knows anyway bc 35 seconds is nOT a sufficient wait time 
  • headcanon where minho’s a fucking bitch and makes sexual innuendos every time they do something remotely coupley 
  • things like sitting on thomas or newt’s hammock (or mattress in an au) and being like “wow, this thing is so hard, i’d wake up stiff every morning if i had to deal with this.” 
  • headcanon where gally is totally homophobic and is really disgusted when he finds out what’s going on between the two and one day he makes a disgusted face when he catches them kissing or something and literally all of the other gladers like just like “gally, shut the fuck up.” 
  • headcanon where they totally check each other out all the fucking time
  • headcanon where newt is really good at being inconspicuous about it and he always gets away with these side glances and nobody even suspects anything with him
  • but headcanon where thomas is absolutely awful at secretly checking newt out bc thomas is a big idiot and everybody knows 
  • headcanon where thomas still blushes whenever he sees newt doing anything, really
  • like one time newt bent over to pick up a tomato and thomas turns just as red as the fruit and everybody knows but nobody says anything 
  • headcanon where they bunked together at WCKD hq and fell in love there and they would always sneak glances at each other and have fumbled kisses in bed really late at night, both of them terrified a scientist is going to walk in but never being scared enough to stop
  • headcanon where newt would sometimes let his hand brush against Thomas’ and thomas wouldn’t be able to stop himself and he would grip newt’s hand in return, just for the briefest second, before they would go on with their work
  • headcanon where they send newt in really early on and the scientists don’t let thomas get to watch anything on the screens, so everything he knows is from what he sees when he’s being led to and from testing areas and his bunk (which is now too empty for him to sleep much at all), and it kills thomas that he isn’t there with him, that newt has to wait all this time before he can join him.
  • but then thomas sees newt jump from the wall in his suicide attempt, and thomas falls to his knees just as newt hits the ground 
  • and he’s screaming and hypervenitlating and he cantfuckingbreathe and everything is just newtnewtnewt and the scientists have to restrain him for days and days and they dont let him walk through the same room as the screens anymore
  • headcanon where a few weeks later, after newt’s leg is healed and after the scientists are beginning to trust thomas again, they accidentally leave a door open with a viewing screen on it, and thomas steps in just in time to see newt standing on a chair with a vine or something slung from the makeship ceiling and a noose tied in his hand
  • and thomas is screaming, no no no, bc newt is still alive but he might not be for much longer-
  • and then the scientists grab thomas and drag him out again just as newt is about to step off the chair and he. doesn’t. know. what. happened. 
  • and then they send him into the maze 
  • headcanon where the last thing he thinks of before he forgets everything is newt, and he’s thinking i wont forget i wont i wont but he DOES 
  • headcanon where he wakes up, and newt is there, and he doesn’t know him, he can’t possibly know him, but why does he look so familiar?
  • and he’s terrified, but there’s relief flooding through his veins, and he blames it on getting out of that fucking cage, but that can’t possibly be the real reason why. 
  • headcanon where the night before thomas first runs into the maze to help alby and minho, they have this really long talk
  • and it’s basically them knowing things about each other that they can’t possibly know
  • things like thomas brings up oranges and newt’s like “i fucking love oranges” and thomas gives him a strange look and is like “i fucking know” and they maybe realize that something’s going on
  • headcanon where maybe they had their ‘first’ kiss that night before, but it isn’t hard or rough or anything, it’s just a kiss and they know, they know-
  • headcanon where newt hasn’t known any fear like what he felt when thomas squeezed himself through the closing Maze walls
  • headcanon where he’d been standing at the wall the night before where they scratch out the names, and he has the tools in his hand, and he can’t. do. it. so he convinces gally to let them wait until morning, bc you never know 
  • headcanon where newt hasn’t known any relief like what he felt when the maze opens that morning and saw thomas there, alive, with no grievers chasing them back inside. 
  • headcanon where newt drags him away that night and they have their second kiss, which is everything the first one wasn’t and how does thomas know to kiss behind his ear and leave hickies on his lower collarbone, where he can hide them but they’re still there
  • headcanon where newt gets really scared whenever thomas goes into the maze after he’s been made a runner but never says anything about it 
  • headcanon where every day newt waits for him, and tries to pretend like he isn’t waiting for the maze to open, like he isn’t counting the seconds from when it does and praying he makes it back before it closes
  • headcanon where newt made fun of him in the slaughterhouse that one time, saying things like “what, you’re not ‘fraid of a little blood now, are you, greenbean?”
  • and thomas coming up with really, really, really, bad comebacks like “not when it’s rushing to your dick, man.” and newt just laughs, bc “what the fuck, that doesn’t even make sense.” 
  • headcanon where they’re given another chance, and they fall in love all over again, and maybe the glade isn’t so bad because they get to do this all. over. again. 
  • headcanon where one day (towards the end of it all) newt just dragging thomas away to somewhere a lil more quiet/private and kissing him and not knowing if either of them are going to make it out of this alive (but by GOD does he hope for it, he hopes for it with every ounce of his bEING)
  • but then the next day they find out that Newt isn’t immune to the Flare, and while Thomas is panicking over to the side the only things Newt can think of is “i should’ve hoped harder” and “i shouldve kissed you longer” 
  • but then newt catches the Flare. 
  • and headcanon where he’s broken inside, and he can’t fucking BREATHE because they’ve come so far, they were given this wonderful amazing second chance and then this stupid disease had to RUIN EVERYTHING 
  • headcanon where thomas goes numb with the idea that everything they’ve done has been for nothing. if WCKD was trying to fix the world, why couldn’t they have fixed this first? why can’t newt LIVE because goddammit they deserve this 
  • and then thomas has to kill him, and it’s the hardest thing he’s ever had to do and he can’t do it, he can’t- he can’t even bring himself to look as he pulls the trigger and he hates himself for not looking bc if anything, newt deserved that. 
  • and really, thomas  is utterly numb and broken.
  • headcanon where every morning, thomas wakes up.
  • and every morning, he reaches for where newt should have been lying
  • and every morning, newt isn’t there 
  • and every morning, thomas wants to kill himself too 
  • but he can’t; the others need him, the world needs him, he needs to save the world bc for all he loved newt, (and god, did he love him), if anybody felt even a fraction of what he did for the other boy for another human being then the world needed to be saved, thomas knew. 
  • he can’t kill himself.
  • and so newt is going to have to wait for him one last time. 
a bomb of people

splinters of the crowd
like shrapnel stuck
in the giant gut
pulled up
over the belt
and dropped
to rest upon
the massive

water and mud
like blood around
oozed out
ran down the legs
pooled in glades
shiny plasma
at the feet of concrete
pillars of strength
grown soggy

rigid stabbing
shards of humanity
clinging to the beast
burst an underbelly
as it sags

massive humanoid
facade scraping
the edge along
toward the under
lands on its knees
flops forward
first face into
the floor

squashing all of them
cramming into them
skin and fat bleeding
organs oozing

buried alive
and dying
even as
they kill
the hideous

Imagine #43

Character: Newt

Rating: K

Words: 889

Warning: none

Request: Can you write an imagine where Newt really likes the reader but he doesn’t think the reader likes her back even though she does? He gets upset and cries or something because he really wants the reader to like him back, and the reader finds him and comforts him? Just make it cute <3


You walked around the Glade, keeping a look out for your best friend Newt, but you couldn’t find him anywhere. You honestly haven’t seen him in three days and you were getting a little worried. You walked over to Chuck and Thomas to see if they knew what was going on. 

"Hey Chuck!" You called as you approached. Chuck and Thomas both turned to look at you. 

"Hey Y/n!" Chuck waved. He scooted over on the log to give you space to sit. "What’s up?"

"Have you guys seen Newt anywhere? I haven’t seen him in a few days what’s going on with him?" You asked them both. They seemed to have matching faces, it was obvious they knew something you didn’t but they’d never tell you. They just looked at each other. "Hello?" You asked, separating their eyes to focus on you. 

"No, sorry we don’t know where he is. Why don’t you go and ask Gally I’m sure he knows what’s up." Thomas suggested. Why would Gally know where Newt was?

"Okay, thanks." You said as you got up and walked over towards the builders. You saw Gally and his crew working on the homestead. "Hey Gally!" You shout at him. He looks up from what he was doing and rolls his eyes as you came up to him.

"What do you want?" He groaned. 

"Okay what is with everyone today? I haven’t done anything wrong and you’re all acting like I’m the worst person in the world. Do you know where I can find Newt?" You asked him. 

"Why do you care where he is, it’s not like he needs to talk to you or anything." 

"No, he doesn’t. But when you haven’t seen your best friend in over twenty four hours you get a little curious as to what it is they’re doing." You crossed your arms. "Now tell me where I can find him."

"He’s been in the Map room with Minho the last couple of days, helping him figure some stuff out." He nodded over to the map room. 

"See, that wasn’t so hard was it." You said sarcastically as you walked off. 

You didn’t bother knocking as you came up to the map room. You heard muffled arguing as you entered but when Minho saw you, he stopped talking. He nudged Newt and he looked up and met your eyes. There was something off with him and you were determined to find out what it was. 

"Y/n, what’s up?" Minho said casually. 

"I’m fine, how’s it going…figuring things out okay?" You asked Newt, eyes never leaving his as you spoke. You could tell Minho was feeling awkward. He cleared his throat and spoke up. 

"Yeah, just about done. I should probably go find Thomas and…Shuck it I’m leaving, sorry Newt." He said as he walked past you and through the door. 

"Where’ve you been?" You asked as you walked up to the table. 

"Just…keeping busy, clearing my head…All that lovely stuff." He shrugged. 

"You okay?" You asked. 

"I’m fine Y/n, it’s not like you really care anyway.” He groaned. 

"What do you mean I don’t care, you’re my best friend, the only person I actually care about in this place.” You snickered. 

"That’s not what Gally says." Newt muttered. 

"What did Gally say?" You asked confused. 

"It doesn’t matter what he said but I know it’s true." He told you. "We got into a little bit of an argument the other day…about you."

"Why were you arguing about me?" You asked confused. 

"He said that you’re using all of us to get things. That you didn’t really care about any of us. I told him that there was no way you’d do that you’re one of us. He didn’t even listen. He said you didn’t care about me specifically. He told me that you’re my friend, but that’s all you’d ever be." He was still looking down at the drawings. 

"So let me get this straight, you got into an argument with the biggest slinthead here about me, when we both know he’s making all this up, and so you got mad at me and have been hiding in here for the last three days so you didn’t have to talk to me?” You actually heard him snicker before looking up at you. 

"Well when you put it like that I sound like an idiot." He said with a small smile. 

"Well you are an idiot, but not for hiding Newt." You explained. "You’re an idiot for believing that I’ve only liked you as a friend." 

"You don’t think of me as just a friend?" He asked, you nodded with a smile on your face. "Well that’s good then because I don’t think of you as just a friend either." He smiled as well. 

"I think the only logical thing to do here is to stop being friends.” You suggested. 

"I think you’re right." 

The Maze Runner movie reaction post in bullet form (bc I'm too ecstatic to make a proper blog post)

During the movie thoughts

  • Thomas, greeting the audience by puking is not really nice.
  • *squeaks* but Ben is not runner
  • I hated Gally in the book (in the first one, at least). damn Will Poulter making me want to throw myself at him
  • Glade party isn’t so bad #kingswillbekings (NEWTMAS GAME WAS STRONG)
  • Oh my god Ben’s banishment :-((
  • Why on earth did Minho put down Alby to pull him back to The Glade I MEAN THAT WAS A WASTE OF SECONDS; and
  • what made these shank Gladers think that cheering them would actually make their progress quicker smh
  •  Ki Hong Lee’s enactment of Minho panicking when the Griever was approaching is so on point it makes mE CRY
  • but lmao at Thomas bearing the weight of Alby alone
  • that’s a good hiding spot Thomas tbh wHY THE SHUCK DID U LEAVE
  • Minho making me jump more than the Griever what a bitch
  • Chuck waiting for the wall to open again awwwe
  • Gally, acting mad at Thomas won’t conceal your love for him
  • Thomas was completely never pissed off at Chuck in the movie and I’m not complaining
  • Ki Hong Lee is so cute when running
  • The Blades dafuq (a clever part of the maze tho ngl)
  • New beer game: drink a shot whenever Minho yells “Don’t look back”
  • Ooh Gally did Thomas just slay you hahahahahahaha
  • Nalby Nalby Nalby Nalby, Thomas back off don’t interrupt Nalby
  • why was there only 1 wall open in the first place
  • why is Newt skipping (*remembers he’s limp after 7secs*)
  • So satisfied w/ Gally’s punch on Thomas’ face
  • I actually loved how Teresa couldn’t believe she worked with WICKED
  • Aw Gally felt betrayed, so sorry babe it’s your fault you shouldn’t have acted like a shank
  • Idk what to feel about this version of the Gladers attacking the Grievers hmm
  • JEFF DIED??!?!?!?!?
  • but I want the “Float, Catch, Bleed, Death, Stiff, Push” code :(
  • they didn’t fall in the hole, did they
  • *Gladers see the Exit sign* “Seriously?!” SAME FRYPAN SAME
  • I just saw a Crank. A Crank.
  • Why the shuck does Gally look cute with that Griever sting uhm¿¿¿
  • Gally got Rue-ed (Marvel spearing her in The Hunger Games)
  • wow helicopter. fancy
  • DADDY JAMES DASHNER WTH!!!!1!!!1!!!1!!!!!!!!11
  • I legit thought Chancellor Ava Paige killed herself hm k

After the movie thoughts

  • what
  • where am i
  • am i alive or
  • ????

I WANT TO START BY CONGRATULATING EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED IN THE MAKING OF THE MOVIE. Wes Ball made an astounding feature directorial debut. I am so happy for James Dashner for all of this success and am very proud too. The cast did an incredible job in portraying the characters and I know all of the book series’ fans couldn’t be any more grateful for that. Production crew, thank you for helping in bringing the book to life. :)

There were a lot of changes, yes. But remember a book adaptation doesn’t mean every exact bits of the book will be depicted. It will never happen so stick that in your mind every time. In the end, The Maze Runner film exceeded all of our expectations. TMR series fans, celebrate as wild as you can. Finally, the movie is “now playing”. :)

I watched the movie twice yesterday. First, in IMAX which has a funny story behind it. I meant to buy a ticket for the 2:15pm screening time but the ticket lady gave me the first screening time which was 11:30am. There’s a clock behind her and when I looked at it, it said “11:28am”. Ok then. Hahah. Also, it’s my first time to watch a movie in IMAX and I wasn’t sure if my seat was the best one or not because the screen looked so wide for my eyes I felt like it was going to eat me if I blink. There were only less than 15 people inside the theater (bc like I said, it was the 1st screening time) and I was very pleased, haha.

The second time I watched the movie was just 4 hours later and that time I was with my brother and mum. I first watched TMR alone bc duh fangirl moment pls haha. It was exciting because then I got to see people’s reactions to the movie. So many people screamed and jumped. I did my best to hide my laughter, hahaha. Props to my mom for figuring out the plot early. :d

To end this post, I’m going to share what a guy said behind us when Thomas and Teresa were talking in the look out tree. “They’re siblings!
*cue the readers’ chuckle and smh*

PS: There are still so many thoughts swirling in my mind but I just can’t tell them yet because I’m knackered. TMR destroyed my brain.

anonymous said:

I have read all the books so I knew pretty much everything that was going to happen but I was still gripping my purse so tightly the entire time. Not everything was how I pictured it but it was still the most intense shucking movie ever!

the maze and the glade and the characters were literally exactly how i pictured it. i was so impressed.

they added/changed things that needed to be, and i am completely okay with that. because it wasn’t an exact replica of the books. it was an adaption, ppl gotta realize that.

such an amazing film! i’m (broegan) seeing it again tonight. :D


Thomas wakes up in an elevator, remembering nothing but his own name. He emerges into a world of about 60 teen boys who have learned to survive in a completely enclosed environment, subsisting on their own agriculture and supplies. A new boy arrives every 30 days. The original group has been in “The Glade” for two years, trying to find a way to escape through the Maze that surrounds their living space. They have begun to give up hope. Then a comatose girl arrives with a strange note, and their world begins to change. “ 

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  • Message me if you’d wish to join.

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ok, har fået asks fra folk, der ikke engang følger mig, om de må få gaver, og det er sådan lidt.. jeg gider ikke at give det til gud og hver mand. jeg har givet det til folk, der følger mig, som en slags “tak fordi i gider at følge mig, her er lidt til at gøre jer glade” det er jo ikke fordi, jeg har uendelig penge, og jeg har SLET ikke lyst til, at blive en man kontakter, fordi man gerne vil have gaver, og så er det bare det eneste, jeg kan bruges til

håber i forstår