This beautiful and powerful woman Theodosia Salome Okoh, has passed away today. She is the designer of Ghana’s current national flag. Because of her, we have symbol of national freedom and justice. A flag that truly represents all Ghanaians, and a symbol of hope to Africans in the diaspora. This is a sad day, one of Ghana’s national stateswoman and heroines has left us with an amazing gift, that we must treasure, unify, love, and respect for generations to come. #Ghanaian #African #woman #natioanlMourn 🙏🏾😔

Meet Nat, This Week's Woman Crush!

Ladies! It is Wednesday again yay!! I love this segment because I (we) get to hear how different women from different backgrounds take care of their hair (relaxed or natural). The way this segment works is by you ladies submitting your stories to me. If you are interested in sharing, please email me - Trust me, we want to hear from you!!!  Check out what other ladies have to say here —-> Read about Natalie - today’s woman crush below 

Tell us about yourself

Hii lovely people, my name is Natalie Fordwor. I am 23 oops 24 years old (I legit believe I am 23, oh well, my birth certificate tells it all. I have to accept that I am 24 turning 25 next year..tehehe)

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hllgdmrnng asked:


9. Describe my perfect mate

Cool but kinda nerdy
Socially conscious
Independent or liberal
Willing to try new things
Has a spiritual and religious connection with God(preferably Muslim or at least understanding that my kids will be)
Cannot be selfish

Black woman (preferably Ghanaian from the same tribe as I)
Nice teeth bright smile
Height doesn’t matter just not taller than me

Gotta be ambitious gotta have a strong value for family and culture. Gotta be my friend 1st gotta have a sense of humor. Now if she has all that and is a sinner turned saint but is doing her best to fight back old habits then tell her I said I’m ready whenever you are we can take these vows today

anonymous asked:

Do you ever think some African moms are real mean sometimes I mean we love them, but sometimes it's just to much. What do you think?

Hell yeah they are too mean. Like African Parents all need a African Parents Anonymous where they all learn how to communicate better and not beat their kids

I have an Ghanaian auntie and this woman is so freaking abusive to her children. She pushed her 5-6 year old son into the wall and he got a big Ole bump in his head. Kid was bawling and everything. Her husband thought it was wrong but he didn’t do nothing about it. Her oldest daughter is practically the mother to all the kids and she treats this poor girl terribly and there’s nothing she can do but obey her mother and count the days she goes off to college.

Too many African shrug shit like this off as discipline but your messing up your children and blaming tv or the out side world. You know something is wrong with your daughter. Something that’s causing her terrible anxiety but you just tell her that her doctor is wrong and she doesn’t need therapy. You tell you kids that they can talk to your about anything but the second they open their mouth to speak, you yell at them, compare them to fake cousins and make them feel absolutely worthless.

In african culture, the adult is always right even when they are completely utterly wrong. An adult will never admit fault and that is stupid as hell. Parents will discipline their kids with pepper and wonder why they have eye problems later on. African mom’s need to stop being so mean and african dad’s need to have a God dang conversation with their kids especially of they live under the same freaking roof as this. There is a fine line between discipline and abuse. And African parents need to find that line and be aware of that line. Make that line your best friend future African parents

Disclaimer: Yes I know not all African parents are like this. Please don’t try to play the Devil’s Advocate. We already have one Devil and he was banished a long time ago for a reason and he doesn’t need nor want your help.


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Woman Crush Wednesday - Meet Yoyo

Ladies! When you give your hair the right amount of love and tender care IT WILL GROW!! Check out my full post on maintaining relaxed hair here –

I continue to post on this blog because I want to create a space where Ghanaian women can learn about makeup, hair, and other beauty related issues that make you look and feel good!

If you are on a hair journey, check out Yoyo’s interview about how she maintains her relaxed hair. THERE IS HOPE!

Tell us about yourself

My nickname is Yoyo - which is the short form of my first name.

What do you do for a living?

  I’m a management consultant, focusing on business growth strategy in Emerging Markets.

Are you relaxed or natural?

My hair is relaxed.

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