Georgia House Rabbit Society

Left: Johna Mennone, communications director, holds a rabbit named Beethoven at the Georgia House Rabbit Society in Marietta. Right: Edie Sayeg, co-chapter manager for North Georgia House Rabbit Society, shaves an Angora breed bunny to help treat the animal, which has pneumonia and matted fur caused by neglect. “This rabbit has the worst case of fur mites I’ve ever seen,” Sayeg said. “It’s so simple to treat with one dose of Revolution,” she said. “That’s what makes me so angry.” Sayeg said the organization is trying to change the perception that rabbits are livestock. “We’re here to teach that these make wonderful pets but just get educated. We’re here to help.”

While the Georgia House Rabbit Society thinks rabbits make wonderful pets, they discourage people from giving them as gifts for Easter. From what they told me, the amount of attention rabbits require reinforces my belief that cats are the best pet.


Managed to rescue another of the bunnies today. Say hello to Thistle! She was initially unsure about the whole situation, but seems to be in reasonable health for a bunny that has been outdoors. When I had her in the car to bring her to the center, she just settled in to the litter box for the ride. 

She is scheduled to visit with the vet tomorrow for a check up as well. By time I’d left today, she had started eating a few pellets, which is a good sign. She seems likely to be a very pleasant bunny.


There are also four baby bunnies at the Georgia House Rabbit Society that will be up for adoption when they are old enough. In the meantime, enjoy some cute pictures of the baby bunnies!