Francis Bacon purportedly met George Dyer in 1964 when he caught his soon-to-be muse breaking into his home. Bacon’s twisted portraits of Dyer — many of them large, abstract, multi-paneled paintings — are considered by critics to be the artist’s most inspired works. The alcoholic, chain-smoking Dyer, who had no profession other than hanger-on, eventually wore out his welcome with Bacon’s friends and finally Bacon himself — but he died with a vengeance, committing suicide on the eve of the artist’s Paris retrospective in 1971.  Wiki


So when I was watching Skyfall one of my thoughts about the “What makes you think this is my first time” - scene was what it was like for Craig to play the scene. And just a second later I remembered him playing Francis Bacons’ Lover in “Love is the Devil”. So I think it’s not a big deal for him. And btw I “hate” this movie (LITD) everytime I’m watching it because of all the psychological harm.

Francis Bacon’s relationship with George Dyer (1934 –1971) whom he met in late 1963 was stormy and ultimately proved tragic. Two days before the opening of the Francis Bacon Retrospective at the Grand Palais in Paris in 1971, Dyer was found dead from a drink and drugs overdose in the bathroom of the Hotel des Saint-Pères in Paris