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Hey, do you have any tips for writing comedies? For instance how to make sure it's funny? Thanks!

Experiment and practice! There are lots of different “flavors” of comedy (subtle, gross-out, slapstick, pun…). Test out different comedic styles and see which ones fit best with your story and which ones you’re best at. Look more into your chosen comedy style and see what more you can learn about it.

Take in funny media. Watch comedians and comedy movies, read funny books—look at what makes you laugh and try to figure out why it does that. Comedy may be less easily dissectible than other genres, but if you notice a pattern, see where it takes you.

Gauging your audience will probably also be helpful: kids respond differently and to different things than teens or adults. Figuring out who you want to write for can help you figure out which way to take your comedy style.

Comedy is a hugely subjective art form, so getting a small army of beta readers can never be a bad thing. Capturing humor in writing takes skill and practice, even if you are a naturally funny person—just because you think it’s funny doesn’t mean it will come across as such in your writing. Get some outside perspective on it.

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How can I determine the age group for my story? Sometimes I feel like I'm somewhere in between Young Adult and Adult, if that makes any sense.

Look at the characteristics and see which one fits:


  • Protagonist: The Adult age group is one that can have a protagonist of almost any age, but they are most often adults.
  • Topics & Themes: You can touch any topic in Adult and you can be as detailed as you want to be. There’s really no amount of inappropriateness.


  • Protagonist: NA protagonists are 18 at their youngest and go into their early 20s. 
  • Topics & Themes: One of the major themes of NA is the theme of going through life as a new adult. The protagonists deal with being independent for the first time. Romance is also a big part of this genre right now, but it’s not necessary.


  • Protagonist: The protagonist of YA is between the ages of 13 and 17, sometimes 18.
  • Topics & Themes: Like Adult, you can write about a lot of topics in YA. However, the detail is not as graphic as it might be for an older audience. Identity is also a common theme in YA. It reflects the lives, concerns, and experiences of teenagers.

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Do you have anything for gaslamp fantasy? (:

Gaslamp fantasy, steampunk’s magical cousin! (As I understand it,) gaslamp fantasy is an intersection of historical fiction and fantasy, which means a lot of your research and worldbuilding will come with a few filters, including but not limited to:

  • What’s your time period?
  • What are your fantasy/science rules and intersections?
  • How does the fantasy factor into the world?

Gaslamp fantasy is heavier on fantasy than on history, which leaves you largely free to develop at will. That said, let’s look at the above.

  • What’s your time period? Do some research solely on the basis of history to get a feel for the time period—figure out the dress code, social norms, how far medicine has advanced, what they do for fun, how relationships begin and end, etc.
  • What are your fantasy/science rules and intersections? This is where we get into the fantasy side of it. As with any historical/real world blending with fantasy, you need to figure out how magic and science play together—if they play at all. What are some failings/shortcomings of science that fantasy can fill? Are there places magic cannot get to or things magic is unable to deal with that science can and will? Do they ever overlap to create a blended magic/science technological element?
  • How does the fantasy factor into the world? Science aside, now. Fantasy is probably going to be the bigger “half” of your story influences, so consider how the fantastic elements affect the world. Where does magic come from? What is it? Who learns and uses it? Are there magical/supernatural creatures in the world?

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