Set 2 of my original post. More costumes for Lucina that were requested.

1- Seliph (FE 4 Genealogy of the Holy War)
Requested by aerolyx

2- Celica (FE 2 Gaiden)
Requested by postmortempsychosis

3- L’ Arachel (FE 8 Sacred Stones)
Requested by mikey-hunter

4- Nino (FE 7 Blazing Sword)
Requested by sassylucina

5- Neimi (FE 8)
Requested by Anonymous

6- Dancer (New FE 14 If)
Requested by Anonymous

7- Robin (FE 13 Awakening)

Requested by sommonodin

Seriously whoever requested the dancer…


Oh look, it’s another video special! A lot of you voted for us to cover Genealogy of the Holy War, and thankfully harblkun has been streaming it for us recently, so we have a bunch of ideas for FE4 comics now! We’ll be covering the other games you voted for as well, but chances of them getting video specials are pretty slim until we finish our big one. Also big thanks to wakoku-warrior-robot for helping out on this!

…this is how it happened, right?


Derp Emblem: Will the real Dark Prince please summon Satan?

Okay so originally this was going to be a single, but as you can see it turned into something more. Now to explain this, Kamui’s class translates into Dark Prince, which is a class that already belongs to our friend Julius. As soon as Mod Sugar learned this, she kept sending and singing this song.


Love, Hate, and War.

The characters (from left to right) are Sigurd, Deirdre, and Arvis, from Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War (1st Generation). Fire Emblem 4 is my all time favorite.

I first saw Fire Emblem (FE4 in particular) when I was a kid (maybe I was 7? idk), my brother manage to get a copy of the game for the SuperNes. (Idk how he got one tho cuz the game was only released in Japan by that time).

If you haven’t played FE4, YOU ARE SERIOUSLY MISSING OUT.