Gender surprise

Remember Kids
  • Leliana is bisexual
  • Zevran is bisexual
  • Anders is bisexual
  • Fenris is bisexual
  • Isabela is bisexual
  • Merrill is bisexual
  • Josephine is biromantic 
  • Bull is pansexual

So don’t say that it is a het ship when these characters are paired with the opposite gender and don’t say it is a gay ship when these characters are paired with the same gender. Because surprise, bi/pan people stay bi/pan no matter the gender of their partner.

This has been a PSA 


Golden Globes: Kerry Washington Shows Off Baby Bump, Talks Pregnancy

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a professor or teacher acknowledge that there isn’t simply male/female genders and honestly I hope this becomes a more common question on the first day of classes, for the sake of my non-binary friends

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I'm just saying but... Feminism is the same thing as "pro-equality". What you don't get is that Feminism is the equality of the sexes/genders (including MALES, surprise surprise). So in other words "Anti-feminism" means you don't believe in the equality of the sexes/genders. I think you've gotten the misinterpretation that feminism is all about women. It's not. I highly suggest educating yourself in certain things before posting about it on your blog.

If I agreed with you, we would both be wrong. 

Feminism is the exact opposite of equality, buttercup.

#287 Because of Kinder Surprise.

Did you also grow up in a world where Kinder eggs were a gender neutral product? They were just an amazing chocolate egg that contained either an amazing toy (something with wheels) or a mediocre toy (without wheels). There was no marketing strategy that tried to guide children and parents to make a certain purchase based on a constructed idea that your gender determines what toys you like Kinder eggs weren’t there to perpetuate gender stereotypes and tell chilren what kind of toys they should like, they were there to give chocolate and amazing toys. 

Well, that’s all over now. These days there is a blue (a colour associated with boys) Kinder egg and a pink (a colour associated with girls) Kinder egg. The blue Kinder egg contains toys marketed towards boys, such as Marvel Heros and Hot Wheels, while the pink eggs contain Disney Princesses and pastel-coloured ponies. Yet the brand-owner Ferrero denies any gender bias. Yup.

Imagine your favorite female character going through a pregnancy scare

When I was younger, in 7th grade, I was fighting with one of my classmates and a topic came up about crushes and I told him, “No, I don’t like boys!” Immediately, he responded with, “What, so you like girls?”

I remember that I was a little confused and surprised that a rejection of one automatically meant you had to accept the other. Like, I didn’t understand why if you didn’t like boys, you had to like girls instead. I tried to explain this to him, but I don’t think he got it either.

Haha, young and confused asexual aromantic feels, man

First Born Part 1

I literally haven’t posted a preference in months sooo. I really enjoyed writing this. 

Nate: You were out shopping for baby products with Nate and you loved seeing how excited he was to become a daddy. The two of you had decided to keep the baby’s gender a surprise so you bought everything gender neutral. You were eight months and two weeks in, so the baby was due any minute. “Do you think it’s a boy?” Nate asked you full of excitement. “If it’s a boy he’s definitely going to be a stunna like his dad.” he said popping an invisible collar, which made you giggle. “I’m gonna buy him snapbacks, beanies, and chains, he’s gonna have the freshest clothes. He’s gonna have all the babes chasing him by the time he’s old enough to go to daycare. ” He continued. “And by babes I mean babies, just so you know. And I’m going to teach him how to be humble and respect women, no doubt.” He rambled on. Just as you opened your mouth to speak, he started rambling again. “But what if it’s a girl? She should have your eyes. It would be a dream come true to look into the two most beautiful pairs of eyes I’ve ever seen. I’d protect her at all cost, not a single fuckboy will come near my babygirl. God she’s going to be so beautiful, just like her mommy. She’s going to have big dreams too, and we’re going to be there every step of the way.”   You really enjoyed seeing him so happy to become a father, he was smiling so widely and you loved seeing the dimple in his cheek, but your back was starting to hurt and you  wanted to go home. “Nate.” You assumed that he didn’t hear you because he was still babbling about how perfect his future child was going to be. “Nate.” You called again. He was still talking. “Nate!” You shouted loud enough for him to hear but not too loud to receive unwanted attention. He stopped talking and directed his attention to you. “I know you’re excited for the baby, and I would love to hear all the future plans you have in store for him or her, but I’m getting tired and I would love to go home. You can tell me all about it in the car, while we’re having dinner, and when we’re getting ready for bed, okay?” “Yeah, sure, of course.” He said as he intertwined his fingers in yours and kissed the back of your hand. 

Shawn: “So, how are you going to tell him?” Mahogany asked you referring to telling Shawn about your pregnancy. “I don’t know yet.”                               “Well you have to figure it out soon because he’s going to be here in about an hour.”                                                                                                             “Don’t you think I know that, I can’t expect him to think that I got a beer belly in the past four months.”                                                                                Shawn had been on tour and you hadn’t seen him in person in months. Which meant that he was completely clueless about the fact that you were pregnant, and you and Mahogany were trying to come up with a clever idea for how you might tell him. The only problem with that was that neither of you had any ideas. The two of you sat quietly for another ten minutes thinking before Mahogany broke the silence. “Y/N, you made pasta today, right?” She asked, a bit too enthusiastic for your pleasure. “Yeah, why.” You asked sounding a bit confused. “And the tomato sauce you use is from the brand Prego right?” She continued, ignoring your previous question. “Yes. Mahogany, would you tell me what you’re about to do?” She practically jumped out of her seat and ran down the hallway, she quickly returned with a piece of paper, a marker, and some tape which she threw on the dining room table, and continued her way to the kitchen bringing out the tomato sauce. She sat back down and proceeded to write “We’re” on the piece of paper with thick bold letters and taped it to the jar so it appeared to say “We’re prego”.                                                 “Mahogany, no!”                                                                                           “Y/N, yes.”                                                                                                             “But it’s so silly.”                                                                                                   “I don't see you coming up with any ideas.”                                                          Before you could protest any more, you heard the front door open. “Act natural.” Mahogany told you as she hid the jar behind the center piece on the table. “Turn it around when I give you the signal.” She added before sitting down. Seconds later Shawn walked in the dining room and you felt your heart flutter.                                                                                                             “Hey, Shawn. You’re just in time for dinner, sit down.                                           "Don’t I get at least a hug first?”                                                                           “Aw, baby, of course you do. After dinner, sit down.”                                         He seemed pretty confused with the situation, but sat down obediently. After having a nice conversation between the three of you, Mahogany suddenly left a remark about the sauce. “Wow, this sauce is delicious. What brand is it, Y/N?” She said. Assuming that that was the signal you pulled it from behind the center piece and placed it facing in Mahogany’s direction. “It’s Prego.” You said. “What’s with the paper on the jar?” Shawn asked. “What does it say? We’re, why is there we’re tapped on the jar? We’re Prego, what does that even mean?” He said as he continued eating, soon after he looked at you, shocked, before trying to find the right words to say.                                                           “You’re, you… I.”                                                                                           “Yes, Shawn, I’m pregnant.” You said standing up, revealing your growing belly. He ran towards you and embrace you as he whispered in your ear how happy he was to be having a child with you. 

Kenny: You walked through the front door of your house, exhausted from work, ready to go to bed. As you noticed that most of the lights were already out you decided to call Kenny to see if he was still awake. “Kenny, babe, you awake?” You called out. No answer. You started walking up the stairs to your bedroom to check if he was asleep. As you were walking up the stairs you heard a soft humming coming from the nursery. You walked to the nursery and slowly pushed the door open and leaned on the doorframe. Once you were inside you could hear Kenny singing more clearly
“Wendy run away with me I know I sound crazy. Don’t you see what you do to me?” He sang softly in your daughters ears. You smiled as you remembered what his reaction was when you had told him that you were pregnant.
“I’m not saying that I don’t want a baby with you, because I do. It’s just that I… I don’t know if I’d be a good father.” He had said. You felt your heart ache when he said that. You had walked over to him and cupped his face, and stroked his cheek with the back of your hand and said “Kenny, sweetheart, of course you won’t be good father, you’ll be the perfect father.”
You walked over to him and wrapped your arms around his neck as you stood behind him and whispered in his ear. “I told you you’d be the perfect dad.” You said kissing his cheek

Taylor: You walked up the front porch steps and took your keys out of your purse. You struggled to unlock the door as you had your six month old daughter in your arms. Once you finally got the door open and went inside you couldn’t believe your eyes. Your living room had all sorts of gifts that you assumed were for your daughter. Dolls along with their houses and cars, puzzles, Legos, colouring books, and several other toys lay on your floor. Your sofa had all kinds of clothing thrown on it. You stood there, mouth agape, trying to process everything you see in front of you. “Taylor!” You finally decided to call your boyfriend and confront him about the situation. Soon after you saw him coming down the stairs, with a smile on his face. “Hey, babe.” He responded, sounding undoubtedly excited. You let out a soft sigh before answering him. “Tay, what the hell is all of this?”
“What do you mean? They’re gifts for my baby girl.”
“I can see that, but Taylor, half of these things aren’t even necessary.”
“What are you talking about? She can use all of these things.”
“She’s six months old, so you really think she would need this?” You said gesturing at the drivable toy car parked in your living room.
“Well not now, but she will eventually.” You let out another agitated sigh, and decided to put Leah in her crib.
“I don’t get why you’re so upset, if she can’t use them now she’ll use them when she gets older. I- I get that it’s a lot of stuff, but I just want to give her everything I never had.”
“You’re right, I don’t know why I was getting worked up about it, I’m sorry.”
He still looked hurt, so you decided to try to cheer him up.
“Come on, let’s see if all these clothes fit her.” You said with a smile.

Sammy: “AAHHHHH.” You shouted at the top of your lungs, which caused Sam to jump and run towards you. He had been pacing back and forth in the hospital room. You were getting ready to give birth, but unfortunately you weren’t fully dilated yet. Sam sat down on the chair beside your bed and brushed the strands of sweaty hair out of your face. “Don’t fucking touch me, Wilkinson!” You said as you grabbed hold of his hand. “Why are you mad at me? It’s not my fault labour hurts.” He argued back.
“It is your fault! If you weren’t so horny all the time I would be in this situatio-.” Another contraction got in the way of your sentence. You squeezed Sammy’s hand out of reflex, which resulted in both your screams echoing through the hospital room. “You enjoyed it just as much as I did.” He said once you let go of his hand. “And Jesus Christ, when did you get so strong.” He mumbled as he continued to pace back and forth in the room.  You threw your head back on the pillow and panted. Just as you were starting to relax a bit Sam’s phone has started to ring, causing you to jump. “It’s Nash.” He said as he took a look at the caller ID. “Well tell him that the baby’s not here yet.” You practically shouted. You were getting irritated that someone would call Sam every five minutes asking how you were doing.
“Nash says it’s nice to hear from you too.” Sam said. “I think he was being sarcastic though.” He added, which caused you to glare at him. Seconds later the doctor came in and checked if you were fully dilated.
“Okay Mrs. Wilkinson, looks like you’re ready give birth.” She said once she was finished
“Ugh, finally. I want this bastard out of me.” You said earning a shocked expression from the doctor. This caused Sammy, who was still talking on the phone, to turn to you and the doctor. “She’s just kidding.” He said with a smile.

Nash: “Cameron, can’t you go any faster!” You shouted from the backseat.
“No, there’s a speed limit, if there are cops around I’ll get a ticket.”
“There’s a small person making its way out of my vagina and your worried about the speed limit?!”
“Can you please stop shouting. You’re making me nervous.”
“Hey guys, great news. After nine long months our baby is finally going to see the world. I’m so exci-”
“Nash, who the hell are you talking to.” You interrupted your boyfriend who was sitting beside you. You slowly turned your head to look at him and saw him with is phone in his hand and his thumb on the screen. Realising what he was doing, you decided to scold him. You let your pain and hormones take control of you as you shouted at everything within a 5 mile radius.
“Are you snap chatting this?!? Are you shitting me! You said you were too nervous to drive, which is why we let slowpoke over here drive. You look perfectly calm to me.”
“Don’t insult my driving.” Cameron said in reply to you calling him a slowpoke.
You directed your attention back to Nash, expecting an answer.
“I keep my stress on the inside. No one thinks a stressed out guy is attractive.” His answer caused you to glare at him for a few seconds before another contraction kicked in, causing you to yelp in pain.
“Everyone in this damn car is insane.” You heard Hayes murmur from the front seat.
“Be quiet, Hayes!” The three of you shouted in unison.
“We’re almost there.” Cameron said to calm everyone down. By now you were sweating and breathing heavily. You turned your face to see Nash looking at you giving you a reassuring smile. Just as you were about to face forward you heard Nash speaking to you. “Hey, I know that I may not show it much right now, but I’m very excited about this. I just wanted you to know that.” He spoke quietly and slowly.
“Nash I never thought that you wouldn’t be excited, I just wanted you to express it more. I’m sorry for yelling at you.”
“It’s okay. And I can’t express too much emotion if I want to look cool.”
“I love you.” He said with a smile that made your heart skip a beat.
“I love you too, loser.”
“You’re both losers.” Hayes remarked, ruining the moment.

I actually laughed while writing the last two lmao 

AN:Part 2 will be up tomorrow.                                                                       Should I turn this into a series of preferences throughout the child’s life? 

Not looking forward to going to visit my family for Easter here. Here’s to hoping I can make it through a day filled with driving through rush hour traffic and constantly being misgendered by the people who are supposed to care about me the most. Ugh, wish me luck!

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Lmao bisexual people don't have to be attracted to male or female just two or more genders (and this may surprise you but there are more genders than just male and female)