Gary Wrong

Track: Gary Wrong Group - Post Natal Pre Death

By Zach Braun

The world at large got screwed out of the chance to buy the first single from former Wizzard Sleeve mastermind Gary Wrong. After an epic pressing plant failure, only 178 copies of the 7" were pressed and the project was halted forever. Fuck that nonsense. Luckily, Total Punk Records has good news for fans of drug-addled psychedelic punk. Later in the year, the label will drop a 12" EP featuring the two tracks from the aborted 7" with some bonus tracks. “Post Natal Pre Death” is one of those extra jams, a sci-fi sludge dirge with scary electronically treated vocals and swirling synths from Wrong’s bandmate Quintron (yep, that Quintron). Turn it up loud and fry your mind.

Now Available

WIZZARD SLEEVE / GARY WRONG GROUP - Halloween Violence Split 7" $7.00

This split comes just in time for Halloween including a bloody wolf mask! Blast the record and put on that mask while handing out firecrackers, broken circuit boards and raw meat laced with LSD to the kids in your hood.

GARY WRONG GROUP is indeed a Dream Smasher or perhaps nightmare maker. GARY WRONG GROUP finely craft a soundscape of sci-fi awe with fateful undertones. Any fears are given life in the crackin of smashing glass and a voice from a broken megaphone. If that isn’t enough it is a second person narrative of fear.
We get the first (maybe only/last) WIZZARD SLEEVE track after some time. Loupgarou comes terrorizing in to quickly slow to a lurch. A drone of noise like an opium smoking aboriginal on a didgeridoo intermittently interrupted with a foreboding, cliff hanging guitar riff. Lyrics come in with enough reverb that you see the springs inside the amp jiggling in your mind alongside WIZZARD SLEEVE’s notable dark tones. The frequency of these bursts increases. The ferocity rises to screams and guitars collapse to horrid noise.


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DROPPINGS #1 Zine $4.00
Droppings includes an Atlanta Scene Report, interviews with Joint D≠, Total Control, Kremlin, & Gary Wrong. Comes with a cassette featuring tracks from the interviewed bands (minus Kremlin) and a smattering of Atlanta bands from the past and present. Look out for issues 2 & 3 coming soon.
16 pages.

Review: Gary Wrong - Pollen Christ 7"

By Zac Camagna

Mobile, Alabama scuzz-punks Gary Wrong dropped a 7" via Total Punk earlier this year, serving up some grungy stuff with plenty of tension filling the air. B-side “Streets of Iron” is a scuzzy cover of Bad Times original hellish track from their LP on Goner Records in 2001. It’s a dirty thing, with exceptional punk fuzz and disgusted vocals doing the damage.

On the A-side, “Pollen Christ” is a heated scorcher, sounding extra thick and heavy with its splitting power-punk guitars. There’s a constant, chainsaw-like buzz enveloping every shredded guitar hook, giving this song its raw qualities and gritty texture. The murky, reverberating vocals lead the way through this fouling onslaught, only helping assist in the track’s crunchy and mutilated complexion.

Gary Wrong will be at Gonerfest on September 28th, which is just one more reason I need to get up off my ass and get down to Memphis for that weekend. Now listen to “Pollen Christ” right here.



Take That - The Garden, Newcastle, 19/05/15, from inside the curtain.

Track: Surgeons - Whip Them Lord

By Zach Braun

Here’s a blast of filthy, blown-out sludge punk from the fine folks at Total Punk, who have been cornering the market in that genre with their recent releases by GG King and Gary Wrong. “Whip Me Lord” will be the first vinyl offering from LA’s Surgeons, a band featuring members of Le Face. This track rips HARD and it sounds like Video or maybe your older brother’s Germs records if they were caked in toxic waste.