My friend/coworker Nikola and I have been working on a new game called “Escape from Monster Mansion” — an asynchronous local-multiplayer survival horror game that uses modified Anaglyph 3D glasses. It started as a game jam game for XMG Studio’s Game Marmalade, but now we’re actually making it and XMG Studio is actually publishing it!

The premise of the game is this: 3 Teen players need to evade the 1 Monster player and escape Monster Mansion. The 3 Teen players (wearing Blue glasses) can’t see the Monster, and the 1 Monster player (wearing Red glasses) can’t see the switches the Teen players need to activate in order to escape. Any spectators who are watching the game without glasses can see the big picture, which leads to lots of yelling at the screen like “DON’T GO IN THE BASEMENT!” etc

The 3 Teen players goal is to activate 3 switches in order to open the Exit door and escape Monster Mansion. The 1 Monster’s goal is to kill the Teen players before they escape.

We’re going to be showcasing the game at Dames Making Games’ Halloween Spookcade on Halloween! If you’re in the Toronto area and are looking for something game-related to do on Halloween I highly recommend it (also you can play our game!)

What it looks like using the BLUE “Teen” Glasses:

Gameplay Footage