okay wow i just overheard my brother and mom talking about me, because i told my mom that i didn’t want this guy she knows to come over and do some work in the house while i’m here by myself, and my brother goes “oh she should feel safe” (basically implying that i’m overreacting) and it’s like first of all, you don’t get to decide how comfortable i should feel being alone in the house with a middle aged man that i barely know, and second of all, my brother is like deathly afraid of bees and that’s like me telling him “but bees don’t sting people that often, you should feel safe!” 


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Fifth Harmony editing challenge: Part 1 → Favorite member: Lauren Jauregui
“Is it weird that I feel like i’m somewhat closer to people just cause thay show up in my dreams? Like, Rihanna and I are best friends now”


the glorious return of skye’s pickpocketting skills


Like what if they’re best friends living together to cut down on costs, but everyone mistakes their closeness for something else and insist on asking them dumb questions all the time

Regarding whether Amy is a lesbian or bisexual

Alright pals, I see a lot of fights going on about this right now, and it’s a very touchy issue. On one hand, lesbians feel they do not get enough representation on TV because it seems like nearly every girl who is into ladies is also into guys. On the other hand, bisexuals feel in addition to little representation, they get bad representation because TV bisexuals often “don’t believe in labels” and/or are overly sexualized. Both arguments are 100% correct.

While queer rep on network shows are getting better, we still have a long, long way to go before we are even close to equally and accurately represented, so it’s natural that we would defend our favorite character as our own orientation. Of course I want Amy to identify as a lesbian. I’m a lesbian. The reason this fight is even happening to begin with is due to Carter’s poor character consistency. 

People on team bisexual are insistent that Amy is bi because of her attraction to the Brazilian guy from 2x03 and also her (supposed) new attraction to new-token-MTV-hottie-boy-of-the-month. These are valid arguments, and of course anyone in their right minds would think that Amy is bisexual after seeing those signs. 

However, in season 1, it was very clear that Amy didn’t have feelings when she kissed Oliver. At the time, it really seemed like they added that trope to cement the fact that Amy wasn’t into guys, that she didn’t feel anything. Also, that the sex with Liam at the end of season 1 was purely revenge sex (I still think that’s the case). So, what happened?

Carter Covington happened. My god, the headaches I’ve had over the poor character consistency throughout the series. Now, I’m not dissing Carter, I’m honestly just wondering WTF he’s doing. Although there might be a bigger picture, right now the writing just seems lazy. He’s forfeiting character consistency for instant excitement gratification. Pretty common for an MTV show, so it’s not too terribly surprising, but still fairly disappointing considering what a groundbreaking show this is.

So, in a nutshell, Amy is neither bisexual or lesbian at this point, particularly because she hasn’t labeled herself. She could honestly end up as either, but the important thing to remember is that Faking It does have both bisexual and lesbian representation outside of Amy. Reagan is a lesbian. Karma is bisexual. If you personally headcanon Amy as a lesbian, great! If you headcanon her as bisexual, also great! If you attack people for having a different headcanon than you because you think your side of the debate is flawless and you’re absolutely 1000% right, then all you will get is an empty debate with no right or wrong side.

Details about the Ava’s Demon Panel! Spoilers are under a read-more.

This is all I could remember for now, so I may edit it later on. (also, they’re not in order)

This was an answer to a question that I didn’t hear- “People seem to care about the stuff I don’t care about, and nobody seems to care about the stuff I care about”

Q: Do you know about the official-ad blogs?
A: Yes.

she knows guys. she’s aware

Q: Could you tell us what sexualities the demons are?
A: No, I’m sorry, I can’t say.

She said this kind of timidly guys, people have pushed her to the point where she doesn’t want to say a simple characteristic about her characters because she doesn’t want any more crap from us ;-; (either that or she really hasn’t thought on it)

Q: Earlier in the comic, we see Nevy blushing and remembering something when she looks at Odin, could this have something to do with Pedri?
A: Maybe (crowd snikers)

Q: Are we going to see more of the scavengers?
A: Yes

Q: Who is your favorite character to draw?
A: Well, I don’t don’t like to draw characters that I hate, but I’d have to say Maggie


Q: Which character would be the most politically active?
A:  Strategos Six

She gave me a look like it was a question that she’d never considered and seemed a bit startled by it

Here are a few answers to questions that I didn’t ask (I didn’t hear some of the questions, I’m sorry ;-;)

Q: (Something that wasn’t mean about the Maggie picture)
A:  It’s kind of an Adam and Eve thing, she’s biting into the apple, which shows that she’s not afraid to want more. I tried really hard not to sexualize it, but I wanted to show that Maggie is not afraid of her character.


Q: So, what was up with the machine of death I mean? What made you think of that?
A: (laughs) Well, there’s all this trash buildup and people are eating this trash, none of it’s very real, and eventually, due to the trash buildup, people are going to need a new body. I mean, the crowd doesn’t really see what goes on inside of there anyway,

This one isn’t exact, but that was the gist of it.

Q: If Ava had gone into the machine like she was supposed to, would she still be the same Ava that she was before?
A: Well…*inaudible*… she wouldn’t be possessed anymore though?

It sounded like she hadn’t thought about this either

Q: Is flaming arrow going to become canon?
A: I can’t answer that!


Q: Who is your favorite character from Monster Pop?
A: Oh! That’s Marina!

Q: Who is Maya’s favorite character from Ava’s Demon?
A: (Reading a text) Me. I am my favorite character :) But I’d have to say my favorite character is Maggie, who is supposed to be me.

(I’m not sure if that last line is completely correct I’m sorry ;-;) someone asked this question and she actually texted Maya Kern to ask her. Another question was asked while we waited.

Q: Can the hosts manipulate their own mind setting?
A: Yeah, they can change their surroundings however they want to.

look look look

Q: Why did you choose water for the element of envy?
A: Cause Gil’s story is The Little Mermaid… We haven’t seen Odin’s story yet

Q: Are you working on any other drawings like Gil’s and Maggie’s?
A: Yeah, right now I’m working on a “scandalous Ava” (crowd Laughs)

lamo look

Q: Who is the most depressed of the characters?
A: Tuls

I heard someone mutter “Protect the giant tree”

Q: Are we going to see that naked picture of Wrathia with the bra from one of your streams as a print? (Unclear)
A: I… I don’t know, there’s kids in this crowd I mean… I might cover up the parts and then (crowd laughs)

Q: *laughing* did you hear about TITAN’s nipple after one of your streams?
A: I… *Laughs* What?…TITAN’s nipples? *Laughs* no, no I didn’t hear about TITAN’s nipples


Q: This isn’t really a question, but I really liked how you expressed Ava’s anxiety.
A: Yeah, I just tried to… show how it feels when I’m anxious? You just have to take a step back and look at yourself for  moment.

Q: Is the drawing of Gil connected to Maggie’s in any way?
A: No? Well, in Gil’s drawing, you see him cutting the pearl necklace, which is almost like Maggie biting into the apple, it shows that he’s not afraid to take what he wants.


Q: Is Nevy’s new dress a symbol of something?
A: Yes, because Nevy has amnesia, and she’s slowly remembering who she is

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The NYT ships it

Duchovny and Anderson: The Literary Files


There must be something about solving paranormal mysteries that sparks literary inspiration. 

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“Hello,” the boy sitting next to him said.

Jude returned the greeting with a shy smile.

“My name’s Connor. What’s yours?” the other boy asked.


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To my idol, spirit animal and light of my life; Chloe Bennet; Happy 23rd Birthday you adorable dork! I wish I could give you a hug right now but seeing as you live in another continent, im going to have to settle for a virtual hug. I hope you have an amazing day filled with so much love and happiness; you truly deserve it considering how much happiness you’ve brought in my life, not only do you play my favourite character ever but you never fail to entertain and spread love to your fans; no matter what you do. 
So before this gets anymore sappier; happy birthday again Chloe, I love you so much and I’m sending loads of virtual hugs and cupcakes your way.
Love, Karolina from Malta. (twitter: @skyesquakes)

Deuteronomy 22:20-22

20) If, however, the charge is true and no proof of the young woman’s virginity can be found, 21) she shall be brought to the door of her father’s house and there the men of her town shall stone her to death. She has done an outrageous thing in Israel by being promiscuous while still in her father’s house. You must purge the evil from among you

ginerva weasley potter, you were named after the bravest person i knew. it’s your mother. she’s awesome.