Glee Girls Meme: Favorite Character
~Tina Cohen-Chang

I’ve sat, for three years, in the back of that choir room, holding Mike’s hand or crying or smiling and swaying, while everyone else was out there singing solos. Maybe I say something, most of the time I don’t, team player all the way. I am tired of being silent. I am one of the original glee club members and I was singing Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat when Finn and Puck were still throwing slushies at us. So when is it my turn?

Namaste, and welcome once again to Astral 101!  This is the second issue, and there’s a lot to cover.  First off, I will announce that Astral 101 will come out with a new issue weekly every Saturday!   This will then be followed by introducing a new segment into the series, Lucid Lessons, and then continuing…

Gotta love The Spirit Science!

The day I make an appearance in church I am chosen to do bible reading… & of course the theme & scripture is about LOVE.. Oh LOVE… God is LOVE… & there is no fear in LOVE… Gotta continue to have patience for the jones eh