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Did you just start remanding Alcatraz and the Evil Librarians? Because that is a good life choice there.

No, I’ve been a fan of the series since I was 12. I just tried taking the tag here because of the newly released artwork for the upcoming reprinting of the series, and was pleasantly surprised at the number of active fans that are on here! (To all my followers out there: The “Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians” series by Brandon Sanderson is quite possibly the best thing you will ever read. There are currently four books, with a fifth one being released next year. Each one is comparable in length to an original series Percy Jackson book and they are fairly easy reads overall. The beauty of the series is the shaky sarcasm with quick they are narrated, combined with an outstanding satire of the fantasy genre in general, making for many moments where you will physically be laughing at the sheer absurdity of the book. I urge you to check out some of the sample chapters available at and pick up the series somewhere if you like what you see there. You will not be disappointed.)

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Name: Eleanor
Average hours of sleep: 7-9
Last thing I Googled: Freefonix Wikipedia. You ever see that? It was a good show
Nicknames: Chummy and Bae
Birthday: August 31st
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Good question
Height: Idk
Favourite Colour: Dark purple
One place that makes me happy: My room
How many blankets I sleep under: Does a duvet count as a blanket
Favourite Movies: CA:TWS, ROTG, Pocahontas, I could easily go on
What I am wearing right now: My school uniform
Last thing I read: This thing to see what questions I was tagged for
What I last said to a family member: See you later
Favourite Foods: Mainly stuff with an ungodly amount of sugar that will probably give me diabetes and heart problems
Last movie I watched: Age of Ultron (fuck you, Whedon)
Dream Vacation: Home by myself, able to actually hang out with my friends if I want
Dream Wedding: Well my sister’s already had a purple theme so that’s fucked
Dream Pets: Preferably a dragon, and if I were capable of looking after an animal, a very big dog like a German Shepherd or a Rottweiler
Dream Job: Idk Illustrator except I’m not taking an Art A-Level cause it’s shit. Guess I just need to befriend writers.
I tag … Okay her username isn’t coming up, unoriginalcupcake, squishyamonbofis and the-other-sam
cause you guys are cool and we haven’t spoken in ages.

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1 insecurity: not being able to please everybody. w/c is a shit thing to worry abt i kno but it’s hard for me to unlearn it?? i try so hard sometimes.

2 fears: darkness, being truly alone in this world

3 turn ons: a good laugh??, smells nice, can COOK

4 life goals: read every book i ever wanted to read, go on a trans siberian railway trip, help charities all over my country, be okay with myself

5 things i like: old, worn books, making lists, buying stuff!!, quaint and cozy coffee shops, getting drunk.

6 weaknesses: easily succumbs to worldly pleasures, compares self to everyone, anything cookies and cream, gets distracted easily, dogs and kindness, my son gon freecss

7 things i love: fab friends! tumblr and off line, pastel pink, sinigang on a rainy, cold night, taking public transport/travelling by myself, animanga, ladies, upbeat grocery store music.

07. Saturn Rising

Woooooooooooo, I forgot this existed for a while! Hahahaha I haven’t posted at all this year - that shows how good a lurker I’ve become. It is all Twinness’ fault, all her fault.

It’s a good thing, though, that the first thing I’m posting about is Saturn Rising, which has eaten its way through my white matter for the past few months - Christ on a stick, this thing is such a beast, I want to chuck it out the window if only I could, sobbb

The idea came from arestlesswind’s as if drowning at the heart - an evocatively written fem!Will piece if I ever saw one. I read this fic several months ago and the seed took hold. It was and is a powerful seed! If you were wondering, you read the tags right: this will involve an eventual happy ending (whaaaat!), lots of teeth-rotting fluff, some angst too but not very much, adorable domestic cannibal Hannibal, plenty of dogs, world-building (as always, whenever did we not), castles they apparently own in Europe, and yes, yes, babies. Eventual Graham-Lecter babies

The last time I wrote something like this - something that is, for all intents and purposes, writing itself - it became Catalysis. (We all know that one’s a monster.) I don’t intend to copy or rewrite anything from arestlesswind’s piece, merely paint a different reflection of a similar premise - what if Will was female? And, because I am a medical geek, I added an additional twist - what if Hannibal was a surgeon, instead of a psychiatrist? Can’t entirely take the psychiatrist away from Hannibal, of course, so he did dabble in the field for a few years, before shifting back into surgery. This premise was decided in my head before I had an explanation for why Hannibal would do such a thing, so I had to shift some canon events around, safely shoving the fic into full-blown AU. (As if the fem!Will wasn’t enough, hah.)

Why a genderswap? Hmm, well, there are quite a few mpreg fics in the fandom already, most of them done with ABO dynamics, so I didn’t want to go that way. I feel like I’d be stepping on the toes of some very well-written pieces, and besides, they’ve already done it so well, what need have I to write any more? But we desperately wanted Graham-Lecter babies - so fem!Will happened. (You know, we should also consider fem!Hannibal. I don’t know how to write this, I would have to think on it for a while, it’s a novel idea… but that would be interesting, wouldn’t it? How often do you find such brutal female sociopaths? …they’re often mothers… hmmm….)

On another note: yes, you read that right, Graham-Lecter babies! They will come. Just like we have casted Rachel McAdams as fem!Will, we have also casted the children, though I won’t spoil that just yet, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, they need to get married and then pregnant first…

I’ve found very few well-written Hannigram fics that worldbuild and delve into Hannibal’s past and his status as European nobility, so this fic will do just that. Those who have read my other fics know that I have a thing for writing decadence and art - these are all part and parcel of this story. Aaahhh we have such grand plans and visions! Castles and grand events and the life that is opposite of what Will was born into - quite an adjustment to make here!

And since this thing is writing itself, we are thinking a bimonthly update schedule, if not weekly. (Bimonthly is more plausible, given Twinness’ tight schedule.)

I have also started a playlist to accompany the fic. I find the songs helpful when I need to sink into the mood, so I hope they’ll make good reading companions. Playlist can be found here for the mellow pieces and here for the jazzy pieces.

God, I am just so psyched and excited, it is unreal… I need to stop blabbering now and get to more writing instead. asdlfjkalsdkjfldkfj so exciteeeeeeeeeeedddd guys tell me what you think if you’ve read it!!

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Dude good job on talking to those girls in pretty damn proud of ya

Oh my god I can’t believe you actually took the time to read my dumbass tags on my selfies :’) But thank you so much!!! I’m honestly so surprised at myself in a good way because I wasn’t even nervous when I was talking to them which is such a huge thing for me!!! Also I still can’t believe that one of them recognised Murphy on my phone wallpaper and we had a massive dork-out about The 100??? Like when does that ever happen in clubs??? It was so rad though!!!

Get to know your followers!

I was tagged by the lovely f1eursauvage !!! thank you!!!

Name: Prissy or PrissPriss !

Date and Location: September 24th and up ur mums ass

Last thing I googled: called out in the dark snow patrol bc i was looking for a good quality version of this song

Gender: CIS Female

Sexual orientation: straight

One place that makes you happy: my room tbh,,, when all by myself it makes me feel at peace for the most part like nothing could ever hurt me

Favorite movie: The odd life of timothy green 

What I’m wearing: That star from super mario green shirt and black shorts. im not v exciting i know


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Whatever happened to your flirty anon?

Oh my goodness, hello, cute one, let’s see. 

All the things. 

She is so wonderful, magic, funny, TALL, beautiful, supportive, and everything anyone could ever want, really. 

(She also lives a million miles away.) 

She makes my days brighter and sweeter and I’m so so glad I get to be her friend. Seriously, miss A, because I know you’re reading this (HEH, I’m probably gonna show you before I post it), you’re the best best best. Thanks for putting up with my texting silliness and also for wishing me good luck that one night. I am so glad and look forward to our adventures in Delaware, and really to the future of watching each other get more and more tattoos?? (((: 

I feel like I should end this in a profound way, but I hope that answered your question, cute anon! Have the best day.  

Got tagged by @mimidae and @veevea for the twenty facts about me… Goodness, I’m bad at these things. Haha.
1. I’ve only been cosplaying for four and a half years.
2. I love learning something new with every cosplay and exploring different techniques.
3. I love meeting new people, but am very shy at conventions.
4. I am only ever confident when I am in cosplay.
5. I dream of one day being a clothing designer.
6. I have a lot more to learn about wigs.
7. I love reading and am often my happiest curled up under blankets with a latte reading.
8. I love astronomy.
9. Some of my best cosplay photos are candids.
10. I hate working with new photographers because I get so nervous around them.
11. I come across as confidently vain, but I’m extremely shy and don’t actually spend that much time on outfits or makeup for work or errands anymore.
12. I have the worst resting bitch face (perfect for some cosplays), but I’m not actually pissed or bitchy like… Ever…?
13. I listen to everything and don’t actually have a favorite music genre, artist/band, or song.
14. I have studied classical voice, and am a classical soprano.
15. I hate my smile, but I will admit it’s my best feature.
16. I rarely smile for photos anymore. I mostly smirk.
17. My eye color changes between four different colors.
18. I wear glasses, but I prefer contacts.
19. I love watching and playing sports.
20. I hate my natural hair color and am planning on dyeing it again soon.

Sorry everyone I tagged!! Love you though!!! <3

#aboutme #cosplaymaybe

What Makes A Good Man?

read it on the AO3 at

by forallthatwefought

Matt wasn’t planning on running into a familiar person when he walked into Josie’s one night. However, things don’t typically go as we plan.

Words: 831, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

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Yaaay thank you for filling my tag with delena goodness, I was so happy when I saw so many new things!! The first one is so beautiful and fluffy and I really need fluff right now a lot of it, fluff all the time to soothe my bleeding heart. And the Eavesdropping. I might have died a little bit. *FEELS* I love how you wrote it as really simple, not mushy and just very genuine. And well that last smutty one was one of the best ever, and trust me I read a lot of DE smut in my time :D It was perfect.

Awww thank you bb. :3 I’m gonna write mooore like there are still requests I have to do and I know I always promise to write asap and don’t deliver (I’m a super slow writer) but I’ll really try <3

P.s. Sorry it took me so long to R&R :D

Come on ;)