sometimes i try to imagine how different the quest would have been if frerin had still been alive to travel with them


ross is my fave friends character fight me

I can't help myself

So I decided to watch FFVII:AC once again in a long time.
Now I’m suffering because of that. I can’t help myself, but fangirling in a scene where Cloud has found Tifa in a curch. GOD DAMN HIS FACE!

I’m so sorry for my terrible English, but I’m trying my best to explain you my thoughts~

1. He only came in church and I already can’t stay calm.

2. He is like: My bae? I need to get to her!

3. And it’s not even over!
When she finally moves all I can see is a relief on his face.

4. Can’t comment this part because you just need to see how he goes from worried to angry.

5. Then Cloud starts to realizing that he couldn’t save or help her. Once again she’s wounded in his arms.

6. He “calms down”, but this anxiety didn’t go anywhere. He’s still afraid and unsure if she’s alright.

7. Tifa suddenly rises and shouts for Marlene. I guess Cloud thought for a moment that she’s alright, but nope, so when she falls back his look has changed again. Don’t know if it’s because of sudden or maybe because of thinking she’s okay, but she’s not.

8. And my favorite part…LOOK AT IT!
Cloud if you gonna cry, please don’t do it or I can lose my mind completely.


I ALWAYS sucked at drawing Ayato and I was so frustrated so I gave myself some time until trying again. So I managed it today and I can finally draw more of him… you don’t know how happy I am