ok I kinda sorta forgot what I need to draw??
I think I need to draw Kay something?? littlepinkrobot
and Cas for art trade nonbinaryhamlet
hmm bad-luck-catt ????
also I think I wanted to draw gifts for like literally everyone’s birthday I’ve missed so that Kay and Mari and Isa and Ben? and also Cas I guess oh god I am so behind that’ll never all happen
plus I have 3 wips that are like halfway coloured and I think 2 sketches with research that I’d love to finish and then a bunch of stuff from april art challenge that can be finished/cleaned up/etc??
AND I got into fics that I’d love to draw fanart for it’s just that I CAN’T DRAW GUYS so I need to study that as well as like basic anatomy and get some grasp on backgrounds? oh my god I need to do so many studies and I’m so lazy so I never do any

Day 50 - May 26, 2015

Well today wasn’t the best day. I messed up at work that made a customer really upset, I worked with Other Girl, who I must say had very nice twist extension put in her hair. It was lovely, but it was a 9 hour day and we both didn’t want to be there. Then when I got home I accidentally knocked Gavin over. I didn’t realize he was following me and he ran into my butt. I feel like such a bad mom for making him cry. 

Anyway, I’m so glad to be off tomorrow. I am thinking about sending Gavin to day care just so I can clean and job hunt (and maybe goof around on tumblr a bit).

Unfortunately, it may be the last day off I have in awhile because I know I’m schedule to work for 9 days straight and then I have to pull at least 2 double shifts. Thank god we pushed for getting paid overtime. 

God's Celebration

I yearn to get up on a beautiful Sunday morning and perform my daily rituals./
Brush my teeth, take a bath, and meet up with different individuals./
Wear my ironed shirt and tie, so clean and crisp./
Today I am going to praise his name, with infinite bliss from my lips./
I reflect all week about my sins and I give my penance/
Show my regrets for those 7 days now I want to show repentance./
God didn’t turn away from me, but analyzed my every sentence./
So I’ll say every compliment that I intended, Lord I really meant it./
For every bad word I said please look at it as a hiccup./
Empty deeds will dump me like a tow truck please God come pick me up./
I’m trying to better myself I’m sorry for the mix-up/
For every evil that I caused let me use that as a bar for me to lift up./
Before I give up, remind myself of my family that will be split up./
I signed a contract to life that’s binding, no need for me to rip it up./
So before I fall I must remember not to give up./
I can’t live without sin, but Jesus gave me a guideline to live up./
I’m praising God today I’m romancing./
My slippery shoes are giving way while I’m prancing./
Please God guide my feet as I’m dancing./
I need to dance, my love for you is everlasting./