So this is mine. All mine. I exchanged a quick hi with him and like that, the best moment of my life fleeted away.

It’s funny, because I was so flustered and starstrucked I squeaked out a stuttered hello, and he was all like “ hey hi there!” And smiled, made eye contact. I think we don’t even connect that these are real people and when you see them in the flesh, it’s kind of incredible. It’s like “wow I’m not just making this up”. It’s just… It’s not something I can describe currently. I need time to dwell on that. For the first famous person I ever met (besides Al Gore when I was like 3), I wouldn’t have wanted it to be anyone but him. He was a genuinely nice guy.

And the show was absolutely incredible, he is such a talent. I remember thinking before the show, “how can he do this so many times a week?” And when I actually saw the show, I saw how much passion he had into this role. His intensity radiated through the entire room and for a second, I thought “oh, so that’s how he can do this so much.” He genuinely loves performing and genuinely loves what he does. It was so refreshing.

I know I won’t be a performer one day, as it is only a hobby of mine, but I hope someday I can radiate that kind of love and passion for my career.

Skip That, Watch This: Top 10 Grief-Positive TV Shows

Before “Splitting the Difference” was optioned by NBC Universal, I hadn’t noticed many relatable examples of grief on TV. I could, however, name dozens of shows depicting sped-up, clichéd mourning.

But when your experience as a 34-year-old widow is being fictionalized for the small screen, you take a crash course in small-screen grieving. For this Top 10 list on Modern Loss, I looked for inclusion of grief in more than one episode; characters whose responses were destructive, nuanced or uncomfortable to witness; and grief representations that were genre-defying. I also favored shows currently streaming on Netflix, Hulu or iTunes because instant watchability.

The result is an exhaustive, though admittedly, subjective list of episodes that got it right. Spoiler alert: Character deaths and plot points are mentioned, so proceed accordingly.


If you post:

✨ Glee, Klaine, CrissColfer, Darren Criss, Chris Colfer
✨ Doctor who, Whouffaldi, The Eleventh Doctor/River, Mattex
✨ Sherlock, Sherlolly, MorMor, Benedict Cumberbatch, Mythea
✨ OUaT, Lana Parrilla, SwanQueen, Rumbelle, FrankenWolf
✨ Pitch Perfect, Becommissar
✨ Castle, Caskett, Espo/Ryan

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