FRIDAY 29/03/13



  • 3 x 120 kg
  • 3 x 130
  • 3 x 130
  • 3 x 135
  • 2 x 140


  • 6 x BW
  • 6 x BW
  • 6 x BW
  • 6 x BW


  • 12 x BW (ea leg)
  • 12 x BW
  • 12 x BW + 8kg kettlebell

Prone holds (30 secs on each side; no breaks)

  • Worked up to 6 mins unbroken. PR! Goal is to get up to 10 mins.

Deads are my fave. It’s been a while since I’ve hit 140, they felt good. GHRs are bloody hard! And the pistols surprised me today, didn’t know I could do them weighted :)

* * * * *


21-15-9 for time.

  • Deadlifts
  • 200m run
  • 1 muscle up

The run and muscle up are done in between each round, so the rep range applies only to the deadlifts.

COMPLETED: DNF (time cap: 30mins)

The deads and run were easy, as was the mu in the first round. It was just that single mu in the second round! After several failed attempts, I left the rings and just moved on into the 9 deads, then the run, and after a few attempts got a mu rep in the third and final round.

The point where I kept failing was the transition. I’d be a smidge behind the catch, but then my momentum would stop there and I’d fall. Just gotta work on the progression for that part of the movement and I should be sweet.

If this posts 2x, sorry!

New shooooes. Just gotta wait for my foot to get better so I can take them for a spin.

Deadlifts today: 5x10 @ 195#. Wasn’t long ago I couldn’t do 195# for 1!

Squats 8x2 115#, 0:30 rest. Pause in the hole and explode out.

GHR 3x10

Clean the bathroom for time — 25:00 Rx

DL -heavy

DL 275lbsx5 (was gunning for 3 but felt I had two more in me). Huge conventional PR.
Pull ups
Lat pull down
Rear delts

Active Recovery Week: Deadlifts
..380x3 x6sets (84%)
1 1/2” Def. Deadlifts
…315x3 x3sets
3” Def. Deadlifts
…275x3 x3sets (no belt)
…245x10 x2sets (belt only)
…195x10 x2sets (raw)
Assistance Work
..NG Pull-ups
…Smith Machine Inverted Pull-ups
…Leg Curls


She was tempted to make a sassy comment in response, talk about how it was about time he found her, but any comments were silenced by the soft press of his lips.

And it was hard to argue with that.

Her hands cupped his cheeks, pressing over each feature of his face, letting her hands memorize every dimple as their lips danced. She happily leaned into his touches, resting against the wall with a soft thump, her wings arched and fluttered happily behind her.

Fingers moved to firmly rest in his blonde curls, slipping under his hat for a better grip. His name swept off her lips in a soft whisper. They were so close, but the growing desire inside suggested they were still so far. “Oh Mo Ghrá…”

Oh, how Terence loved it when she slipped into foreign tongues like that. Fairies usually kept to their own bell-like language, but they arrived knowing various clumsy ones as well. Words in other languages were usually reserved for moments of intimacy or passion when fairies could hardly control themselves and languages all sort of blurred in their minds.

It was just a sweet little reminder that Zarina still had as strong feelings for him as ever. "Tá grá agam duit," he murmured back, smiling against her lips. His wings were giving their own satisfied flaps as he deepened the kiss again, tugging gently on her bottom lip. He pushed himself, if possible, even closer to Zarina.