RIP Gerry Anderson - but can we just talk about the Thunderbird 2 flower spread though! 

If I’m still alive in 2060 and there’s no International Rescue, I’m traveling back in time and sueing Gerry Anderson for giving me false hopes.

I can see the headline now, 
“Crazy Old Man Claims He’s From The Future; Sues Thunderbirds Creator”

Bob Bell adjusts the puppet of Wilbur Dandridge III in the Gazelle Automations Organisation office set for the Thunderbirds episode ‘The Duchess Assignment’. 

Edit; I accidentally wrote that Bell was adjusting the Warren Grafton puppet before (who is a character in the episode 'Brink of Disaster’). Apologies to anyone who reblogged this with the incorrect name. 


The Modtastic World of Gerry Anderson’s Joe 90 (1968-69)

Joe 90 is a 1960s British science-fiction television series following the adventures of a nine-year-old child, Joe McClaine, who starts a double life as a schoolboy-turned-spy when his scientist father invents a device capable of duplicating and transferring expert knowledge and experience from one human brain to another. - Via: 1 | 2