GCSE results

Dear everyone getting their GCSE results tomorrow,

I wish you all the luck in the world, you’ve worked hard and I’m sure you’ll be absolutely fine. But if you don’t do as well as you expected, please remember it’s not the end of the world! I know how important these exams seem right now, but they’re a tiny part of your life. I did mine a year ago, and looking back it seems so far away. Please don’t be too hard on yourself, you should be very proud of making it this far(:

attention all you lovelies collecting gcse results tomorrow:

I’ve seen quite a few posts on my dash of lots of people getting worked up and worried so I just wanted to say:

  • please be proud of what you’ve achieved over the past two years, this has been your first run through of a long-term qualification and you got through it and you should be proud of that
  • you’ve probably done better than you fear, almost everyone does
  • but even if you haven’t done as well as you hope, please do not panic or be hard on yourself about it
  • gcses are not the be-all and end-all and not doing amazingly in them does not define you or your future possible academic successes - I know of loads of people who didn’t do great at gcse who still went on to do amazingly at A-level or in an apprenticeship or at anything they chose to do next
  • honestly like a few weeks into the next level of your education, whether that’s A-levels or anything else, you will not care what gcses you got
  • please be kind to yourself tomorrow and remind yourself that qualifications that have been two years in the making are no mean feat and you are wonderful for getting to the end and far too young right now to be panicking about what some grades might mean for your future (take it from someone who did panic and now looks back and thinks ‘wow i did not need to waste that energy on negative thoughts when i was that young’)
  • good luck and eat ice cream and do things with friends :)