“This is my 1980’s Squier Strat. I rescued her from a cupboard, she was covered incoloured gaffa tape and the electronics were rusted up and didn’t even work. Over ayear I slowly step by step worked on her and revived it. The best surprise was thatunder all that tape was the original paint job in great shape! 

To most weathered guitarists they would vomit in their mouth at the fact it’s a Squier but of my friends who play Fenders they all rate it close on par with a MIA Fender Strat. My favourite thing about it is that after all it’s been through, my god has it got charm!

 For those interested the pups are the standard Squier single coils and a Duncan designed Hotrail (coil tapped, series/split/parallel) individual 3 way on/off/phase flip for each pup, master volume and neck tone. She may not be perfect but I couldn’t swap her for any thing else.“ - chonkie9

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