Okay can I just say that the way Daryl says ‘she was’ broke me more than anything.

I’d seen the gifs of it (and then everyone getting pissed off like?? okay) but the way he said it didn’t put me in mind of her abilities and her strength in that sense. Hearing it was totally different to reading it.

The way he said it with that smile - I think he was thinking of how she sassed him and was tough when it came to him being stubborn. She made him talk, made him change his mind etc
Of course he knew how strong and capable she was (he spent all that time with her after all) and he knew that she knew she could make it - why else did he hold out hope she was still alive? Beth took no shit (especially from him) and that’s why he smiled. It wasn’t to ~inform Maggie of how tough Beth was, it was to reminisce.

That’s what that tone implied to me.

Alright. Good night!

You’re all really important, and you should know that things will get better. Just hold on a little longer and breathe a little deeper. You’ll make it out in one piece!

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