A Sense of Life Around The Game: Non-League in Poland by Przemek Niciejewski

Far from full stadiums, there are onlookers of every kind watching the wondrous non-league football around Poland. From cars that pull over to dogs that want to pitch invade, Przemek Niciejewski spent many of his Sundays capturing an environment that runs right alongside hints of culture in his country.

In Przemek’s words, "Football has resided in me for over 25 years, when the first time I watched (consciously) a football match in Wieluń (Poland). During this time I have seen countless number of matches, the non-league struggles in Poland or Germany and the big stadiums in Barcelona or Manchester. From the very beginning of my relationship with football I’ve been fascinated by everything that is happening around the stadiums.

The native pub, the endemic coloring, tissue of specific human personalities. So I am interested in everything that has a profound impact on how terraces look and behave during the beautiful game.

In Nottingham I met a man who hadn’t left the game of Forest more than 1500 times in a row. In Mönchegladbach someone collects match programmes of local Borussia over 40 years. There is a pub in Liverpool, close to Anfield Road , that for most of the regulars is a second home. Literally.

Memory is fleeting. I collect the tickets, write a diary, but the photography, despite its limitations, arranges the memories in the best and emotional way. I try to capture this particular “moment”. The moment an individual happiness, collective ecstasy, but also sadness, or even suffering due to the unfavorable situation on the pitch.

Football is something more than 90 minutes. For many people caught up in my photographs is the sense of life.”

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                                    Trip to Barcelona part 4


"I’m coming" you yelled at the person waiting at the door as if it was your house. You laughed thinking about it.

You arrived at the door and opened it. A blond woman was standing  fixing you, perplexed, with her green eyes. She was probably 40, or maybe 45 years old.

"Hello..?" you said confused.

"Hum.. Excuse-me but who are you?" she asked you

"I could ask you the same question." you naturallly answered her

She looked at you up and down, and smiled.

"Ah… You’re Y/N, right?" she said smiling…..how did she know your name?

"Yes…" you replied

"I’m Rafaella’s mother"

Your jaw fell. You didn’t know what to say ! It was so awkward.

"O..Oh my god, I’m so sorry.. I-I.. I didn’t know" you replied stuttering

She laughed, and you both entered the house. She was carrying a suitcase in a hand, and holding a little cute boy’s hand in the other one. She put her suitcase in a corner of the house, sat, and made you a sign to come and sit. You simply did; you were really embarassed. 

"So, I’m Nadine, Neymar and Rafaella’s mother. I came to make them a surprise" she explained. You nodded and continued listening.

"Rafaella told me about you serveral times. She really likes you" 

"I really like her too, she’s an amazing girl" You were flattered

She smiled, and turned to the little boy.

"And I present you Davi Lucca, Neymar’s son" she hugged him

Wait what..?! Your eyes got wide. Neymar had a son?! And he wasn’t that little, he must be 3 years old or somethin. When did that happen? You stand there, still.. 

She looked at you, and said: “Well… I see that nobody told you about him” 

"N…No, not really…" you answered a little shocked. 

*Few minutes after*

Nadine and the kid were tired, so they both went to sleep a little. She wanted you to wake her up when the family arrive so she can surprise them.

You heard a car parking outside, then another one. It must be them. They all came back in the house.

"Hey ! Sorry, we took time, we had some problems" Rafaella said a little annoyed 

Neymar was back too. He looked tired, the photoshoot must have been long and exhausting. They all sat down, so you decided to talk.

"Uh… ok, mmh, I have something for you all. Just stay here, don’t move. I be right back" and you got up.

They looked at each other confusedly. You were so excited to see their face when they’ll see the surprise.

You went upstairs to the bedroom where Nadine and Davi were sleeping.  Davi was already up, playing with some toys on the carpet. You put your hand on Nadine’s arm, waking her up slowly. “They’re here” you whispered to her when she looked at you. She nodded and told you that she was coming.

You waited few minutes, and went back downstairs. They were still waiting, looking at you.

"What’s going on Y/N..?" Rafaella asked you. Neymar was looking at you disorientated with his tired eyes. And their father seemed to have understood what was going on actually. She must have told him that she was coming. When you heard Nadine coming down, you smiled, and moved a little to let them see her.

"MAMAI !!!" Rafaella screamed runing to her

"Mamaii ! Davi !!" Neymar screamed when he saw his son next to her.

They were all hugging each other, they were so happy. You couldn’t remove this big smile on your face. When Neymar saw you, he just smiled and winked at you.  

*Few hours later*

Dinner was ready. You helped the girls setting the table, but you couldn’t stop looking at Neymar playing with his son. He must have missed him so much. 

During dinner, Neymar was feeding Davi in a really cute way. Nadine saw you looking at them, she said nothing, and you just looked away, pretending nothing happenned. 

*After dinner*

"Let me help-" you tried to say

"No Y/N, you helped us a lot today. Just go and sit in the leaving room, Rafa and my lovely husband will help me" Nadine said kindly. Neymar Sr rolled his eyes and laughed. He was discreet, but really lovely.

So, you went in the leaving room. Davi Lucca was there, sitting on the couch playing with some toys, and Neymar was lying on a couch not far from him, asleep. You went to talk to the little kid.

"Hey you. Is this Flash Mc Queen?" you asked him talking about the little car he was holding. He nodded, and gave it to you so you could play too. You took it, and played with him.

His was so cute, you loved kids, but you haven’t been with one for so long, you missed this feeling. 

"Can I play too?" a voice said behind you

"Papai !" Davi yelled happilly

It was Neymar. I think we woke him up, even if we tried to play quietly. He sat next to you and Davi on the ground. 

"I hope we didn’t wake you up" you said looking at him

He laughed ” No, no don’t worry. I didn’t manage to sleep so..” he said with his rough voice.

"He seems to like you" he whispered "Usually, he doesn’t play or talk with people he doesn’t know"

"Oh really?" you giggle "I like him too. He’s so lovely" you added

"Lucky guy.." he responded looking down

"Why that ?" you asked confusedly 

"He knew how to act for you to like him .." he confessed smirking

You blushed, and answered shilly: “Who said that… you didn’t know how to do it too..?” 

He gaze at you “… Does it mean that you like me too?”. You could feel something in his voice like… hope.

You smiled, replied in a calm voice “Maybe…”


So here it is ! Part 4 :) this is just the begining.. Tell me if you like it

so I can start writing part 5 (it’s a long story, I know haha ) 


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