In their 12 year career, My Chemical Romance did the unthinkable. Four kids from New Jersey with a penchant for all things vampiric, Comic-Conand nerdy formed a rock band that would reinvent itself with each record, from the angry I Brought You My Bulletsto the cinematic Danger DaysLike all good things, the band came to an end, but not before establishing themselves as a definitive act in the emo/pop-punk genre. 

Lead by frontman Gerard Way, whose relatable oddball-ness earned him cult icon status, MCR eventually called it quits in early 2013. Soon after, Way announced he was workingon a solo record called Hesitant Alien, music that would sound completely different from his old band. We sat down with Way to talk about life post-My Chemical Romance, exploring new sounds and learning how to stay true to your art.

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