In their 12 year career, My Chemical Romance did the unthinkable. Four kids from New Jersey with a penchant for all things vampiric, Comic-Conand nerdy formed a rock band that would reinvent itself with each record, from the angry I Brought You My Bulletsto the cinematic Danger DaysLike all good things, the band came to an end, but not before establishing themselves as a definitive act in the emo/pop-punk genre. 

Lead by frontman Gerard Way, whose relatable oddball-ness earned him cult icon status, MCR eventually called it quits in early 2013. Soon after, Way announced he was workingon a solo record called Hesitant Alien, music that would sound completely different from his old band. We sat down with Way to talk about life post-My Chemical Romance, exploring new sounds and learning how to stay true to your art.

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Garnet theory time!

She is the fusion of two identical gems that only differ in color and power. 
So a fusion between ruby and sapphire  do not give that fusion extra limbs, but shows both gems.
The powers that garnet has are fused as well. Being that she has future site and attacks. 
While separated I feel like they were completely different from each other, one being smart, thought things through and could see into the future. She was quite maybe even shy.  I believe that was the square cut gem.
She wore a dress square afro like garnet.

The other gem was rough and brash, didn’t think before she spoke, she would often think violence could fix anything.  She has a triangle shaped afro/hair and wore crazy glasses.
I think she was a total tomboy.
Triangle shaped gem. 

They are either twins that came from a gem that split in two or two gems that really needed each other to survive.
They needed each other so much that they decided to fuse together for the greater good.

Left hand is ruby right is sapphire.

Sapphire is triangle .
Ruby is square.

The top eye being purple, the right eye blue, and the left eye red.
Ruby and sapphire
Red eyes on ruby
Blue on sapphire 
One of both and one mixed together to make purple.

My thoughts on why they get two doors.

That Rose had found Sapphire; and had convinced sapphire to join her cause. Sapphire convinced Ruby this would be the easiest way to help. 
I feel rose excepted both of them the way they were,  giving them both rooms of there own at the temple.

I would love some feed back.