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Photographer: Danny Suhendar
Designer: Diana Drake – Enigma Fashions
Hair/Makeup: Henry Rasu, Joe Robles, and Markuz Royale.
Set Designer/Props: Zynada Aurelio, Annalynn Luu, Tyra Leffert, Chenoa Campbell, and Jaqueline Banting.
Models: Joy Donaldson, Nikki Engel, Kiera Smith, and Christine Laura Osterhoudt.

#wiwt #details . Vneck/full spread collar white shirt/scarf.
White/sky blue… #nofilter #ipadonly . Perfect for a meeting.
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Best First Date

“So, how’s the bruise?” he asked, sipping his drink while I searched for my jacket.

“Ehh, it was a pretty close call, but I think I’m going to live,” I teased. Thiago laughed brightly, his full lips spreading across his face.

“I still can’t believe I ran into you like that,” he said cringing, referring to last week when we met while running in the park. Well, by him literally running into me and knocking me to the ground.

I was amused by his embarrassment. “Well,” I began, looking at the blueish-purple mark just above my knee, “I’d say a little bump is definitely worth it for dinner with a cute boy.” He finished his drink and set his glass down, stepping forward to help me put on my jacket.

“So you think I’m cute?” he asked smugly. I turned to wink at him before pulling his hand out of my apartment and setting off on our first date.

“So where are we going?” I asked as he opened the car door for me.

“Just this little place in the city I know,” he replied with a suspicious smile. I gave him a bit of side-eye before smiling and shrugging. I hadn’t been in Paris for very long so for the duration of the car ride, I stared outside the window at the unfamiliar surroundings.

“I’ve never really seen the city at night,” I said softly. “It looks so different, all of the lights…”

He hummed in agreement. “It’s much more magical at night,” he murmured. “At night, you can see why they call it the city of love.” He gave me another irresistible smile. We chatted quietly and casually for a while, my eyes incapable of looking away from him as he spoke. When the car stopped moving, I unbuckled my seat belt, and took Thiago’s hand as he chivalrously helped me out of the car. I adjusted my dress briefly before looking up and going wide eyed.

My mouth fell open and I eyed Thiago curiously. “This is what you mean when you say ‘a little place in the city,’ the Eiffel tower?” I asked stunned, but he just chuckled.

“Well, maybe it’s not exactly little,” he joked, grabbing my hand and walking me toward the monumental culture landmark. We were nearly at the top by the time we had finally reached the restaurant. My face expressed my amazement and I caught Thiago joyfully watching me.

“Do you like it?” he asked nervously, lightly scratching his curls.

I raised my eyebrows and laughed. “To say I like it would be an understatement. This is…I don’t even know. There aren’t words.” I blushed. “You’ll have to fly us to the moon next time to top this.”

“Ahh,” he smirked, “so I’ve already earned a second date? We haven’t even eaten yet.” I rolled my eyes at his arrogant charm. When the food came, we ate slowly, more into talking and laughing. He told me about his family and growing up in Brazil. He made jokes about his teammates and shared stories of his favorite games and how much he loved being captain. I did the same, talking about my family and school and dreams I had. We really had not known each other for long, but everything was so comfortable. “Are you up for a little more adventure?” he asked hopefully as he paid.

“With you, yes,” I sweetly replied. He took my hand once again and led me to the very top of the tower where we were each handed a glass of champagne and free to look over the edge at the dazzling city.

“Unbelievable,” I whispered, looking down at all the lights.

“Beautiful,” he whispered, looking at me. I crinkled my nose and blushed, making him smile. “This is the best first date I’ve ever been on,” he admitted.

“Well it’s not quite over yet, is it?” I asked, coming closer to him. He looked at me questioningly. I set down our glasses before wrapping my arms around his neck and standing on my tip-toes, leaving our lips centimeters apart. He smiled briefly before leaning down and connecting our lips, passion flowing between us. We broke apart and I leaned my head on his chest as he pecked my forehead. “Now, it’s the best first date ever.”


*廃人 (haijin) literally means crippled person, but in the internet community, it means
an obsessive gamer who play so much that they never go out and may as well be crippled :P

translated by commanderpigg, notes on pics.


Sure, Nine and Ten got to travel with Rose Tyler but what about poor darling Eight? What if, before the Time War, our Doctor with a taste for classic literature and a penchant of forgetting who he is ran into a shop girl and brought her along for the ride? 

Join us on 8 December, next Sunday, to celebrate chips and cravats, and the ship that could have been! Make your own edits, gifs, fics, art, or whatever you like and tag it eight x rose so we all can see. Be as imaginative as you can. You have a whole alternate universe to explore!

Not familiar with Eight? Watch his movie here and find a masterpost of his era here

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