We’re going back in time..

Fuel Injected - Swollen Members ft. Moka Only


I was recently introduced to Swollen Members and I feel shamed having not given them a chance earlier. Rob the Viking, Prevail, Moka Only and Madchild come together with such unique chemistry I find myself fiending to hear them on a daily basis. Due to Madchilds oxycontin addiction and affiliation with the Hell’s Angels the height of success for Swollen Members was short lived. It’s bittersweet, but such is life.


Swollen Members - Fuel Injected

Me n Pete
  • Peter:i wish i had nerd friends i could have a boardgame night with.
  • Megan:lets aspire to make this happen
  • Peter:i'm naturally aspirated
  • Megan:just don't aspirate
  • Peter:means i'm not fuel injected
  • Megan:actually it means you would choke to death
  • Peter:blah blah blah

Today’s music video of the ’song that now reminds me of a video game whenever I hear it’ category is: Fuel Injected by Swollen Members (Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX2 video game I played on Nintendo Gamecube)