Long time no see!

I’ve been neglecting tumblr and deviantArt (and my social life, period) lately, because I was busy writing my master’s thesis. I finally handed it in last Wednesday. I still have a couple of exams to pass until my graduation, but for now I feel like I can spare some time on posting pictures.

I’ll start with a set of pictures my sister took of my Frog Queen costume at AniMaCo last month. Pictures of my new costumes (Fionna - Adventure Time and Azusa - Idolmaster) will follow later this week.

Frog Queen make-up test

Here’s the second hair & make-up test I did today, this time for my original design Frog Queen costume based on the Grimm Brothers’ fairytale The Frog Prince.
I had loads of green body paint along the edges of my face down to my jawline to give it a more fantasy-like feel. Unfortunately, 40% of the make-up became all but invisible due to the unexpectedly good lighting on my balcony, another 50% are covered by the wig. Oh, well…


Frog Queen WIP

I continued working on my original design cosplay last week. I’ve found this beautiful taffeta in light green and a nice, coppery red that go really well with each other.

As you can see, the tailcoat is fully lined and hemmed with gold trim. I also love the buttons (which were a true bargain: 0.30€ a piece!) with the little crowns on it. I hate sewing button holes, by the way.
I’m not yet quite satsified with the tailcoat, but I’m sure it will looks loads better once I ironed it! XD I’ll also add sleeves next week or so, when the lace I’ve ordered arrives. I also want to add some fake pockets.

Speaking of lace - that was another bargain: I bought 10m for 8€ and it has the perfect shade and width. I hadn’t planned to use lace on the neckline, but when I found this one, I couldn’t help but to put it everywhere! I think I’ll also use it for the garters.

The gloves aren’t made by me, but a hand-me-down from my great-aunt. They’re actually bridal gloves (I was told); I just added the detachable cuffs, which have been a part of my earlier Frog Queen costume from 2007, but I added new buttons (to match those on the tailcoat) and -surprise- even more lace. They’re easily my favourite part of the costume already.

And yes, those are my Wonder Woman pants I’m wearing. I can’t help it. They’re so comfy I could wear them all day.