Friday Night

I fill my wine glass with mineral water
And try not to feel so alone.
It’s a lie that you find your soul mate
And no longer fear the empty silences
Staring back at you.
It’s lie that anything
Can release you permanently.
It’s a lie that I found a new life yet.
It will take a year,
If I’m lucky. And I have no reason
To complain. No reason for
My empty glass to be staring
Back at me.
I suddenly want to become
So drunk I cannot remember
My own name.
It’s late, and so all of my friends
And family are asleep on the
West coast.
It’s late, and I have
No one to call.
—  “Alone after a party on the West Coast” by Radha Kistler

It’s friday I’ve made great plans for tonight, I need to find a way to sneak out of the house first. I’m being watched closely, I really need to get out of here and have fun. Sven’s mother called let’s just say she had a lot to say to me, she won’t give up on the baby until the paternity test proves they are not related. I really hate how things are getting complicated, i’m still in the early days but i’m already sick and tired of being pregnant!


Friday 6/3 - 16.38
Needed a change of scenery today so I’m sitting on the floor, doing some reading on Hinduism.
Fridays are my longest days at school so I usually don’t have a lot of time for homework, since I’m often of to do something else Friday night. How are you spending your Friday?

The Signs' Favorite Things to Do on a Friday Night
  • Aries:watch cartoons and reality TV
  • Taurus:sleep
  • Gemini:homework
  • Cancer:practice hobbies like an instrument or art
  • Leo:baking sweets
  • Virgo:scroll through tumblr
  • Libra:post senseless Facebook statuses and snapchat story clips
  • Scorpio:exercising
  • Sagittarius:play video games
  • Capricorn:going to some party
  • Aquarius:hosting a party
  • Pisces:pampering themselves (manicure, massage, hot bath, etc)