DIY French Link Binding (by Pastiche Knitwear)

A simple and very useful binding that can be left exposed or covered up as a hardback. It’s essentially a basic pamphlet stitch binding, only the signatures are linked/criss-crossed together for extra strength. (Note: unlike this tutorial which links together all of the signatures, I personally only link every set of 2 signatures together, in order to avoid any bunching/pulling on the spine- but to each their own!)

Because my mother said so

Every time I make a quilt, I am tempted to just do straight grain binding.

But then I can hear my mother in my head telling me that quilts are meant to be used until they are in tatters and the binding gets the hardest wear, and so bias cut, double fold french binding is the way to go.

So, here I am making stupid continuous bias binding, which is super annoying to make, but it is the only way to go if I don’t want my mother’s ghost to haunt my craft supplies. 

For those who are curious about the techniques I am talking about:

Day #13:  This beauty was completed just in time for my niece’s birthday!  My niece and I worked together to design this custom book, and when it was finished we lovingly named it the “Everything Birthday Book”.  It is a source of inspiration in itself, with its hand torn & multiple colored pages, decorative ribbon, pink french-binding, and bow closures.  It is as one of kind as my darling niece Jenaffer.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

<3 Aunt Tabatha


!!!Thank You!!! by Benjamin Reynaert

A cover-less book structure bound with a year’s worth of receipts. Each receipt page has been painted with gel medium to preserve the state of decay and fade from the printing. Can be hung on wall surfaces. One-of-a-kind artist book.


For this project the oxymoron ‘found missing’ was used as a starting point. I photographed forgotten, discarded and misplaced objects. I found the objects whilst on walks around various places in South Devon. mostly I came across children’s toys and clothing, which gave the project an eerie feel. 

Camera: Nikon fm2

Book Dimensions: 210 by 297 millimetres

Binding: french folds and Japanese stab binding

Published: August 2014