Celebrating a true film artist, Mr. Walter Plunkett (June 5, 1902 – March 8, 1982) One of the great costume designers from the Golden Age of Hollywood…10 time Oscar nominee, Oscar winner for “An American in Paris”, 1951. He did not, sadly receive an Oscar nomination for his legendary work on “Gone With the Wind”, 1939 as that film debuted a decade prior to the category existing…needless to say, he would have won. Birthday best!

Black and White: The Real Fifty Shades of Grey

Black and White: The Real Fifty Shades of Grey

Had enough of the hype surrounding Fifty Shade of Grey, which has now made the transition from the page to the screen, much the way an awful cold might progress into pneumonia?

Wondering why a dreadful hack writer seems to think she invented sex? And let’s not even talk about the shameless worship of expensive stuff, which, let’s face it, is really what the whole thing’s about. If the book were…

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