Sad news/Cool news/Sad news

Sad news: Florence + the Machine performed at my freakin school today but I couldn’t go. Didn’t get tickets and I have way too much hw tonight. :/

Cool news: I saw her tour bus! Parked behind the building she was going to perfrom at. And I walked by it with my friend. And guess what?…. :D

I met two roadies! haha One was skateboarding next to the bus and the other one was just sitting there. So we talked to them and asked if they were with the band and stuff. I was super nervous. lol I should have stayed and talked more. Coulda tried to get a hook up or something. haha But I had to get to class soon so I couldn’t really stay. But I should have! At least gotten their names or something. :/ Oh well. It was cool to meet them.

Sad news: I have a ton of hw to do right now. Its already 2am. Still have to start and finish a 3-5 page essay (which means 3 pages lolz) and also type two 1-page essays/summaries. But they are for extra credit so I probably won’t do them…maybe one…idk. I might pull an all nighter….ugh. idk….

Okay. That’s all. Just wanted to share my semi-awesome day. I met roadies! haha 
Alright goodnight. :)