Hateful Conservatives Going Insane Over College Class About White Privilege.

(by John Prager via AddictingInfo)

Unless you’ve been living under a very bigoted rock since the 1950’s, you are probably aware that America has a gigantic problem with racism. The GOP may claim that racism is over in America, and our mostly conservative Supreme Court may agree, but it’s hard to forget the harsh realities African Americans face when right-wing icons like Cliven Bundy are still telling us all they know about “the Negro.”

Conservatives are furious about a new class taught by a white professor at Arizona State University. The course, “U.S. Race Theory and the Problem of Whiteness” tackles white privilege — and the discussion on race — head-on. The class, in which 18 students currently are enrolled.

The course utilizes a wide array of thought-provoking books to encourage critical thinking about race, including Pulitzer and Nobel prize-winning Toni Morrison’s “Playing in the Dark.” Other books required for the class are “Critical Race Theory: An Introduction” by Richard Delgado, “Everyday Language of White Racism” by Jane Hill, “Alchemy of Race & Rights” by Patricia Williams, and “The Possessive Investment in Whiteness” by George Lipsitz.

ASU explained that: “This course uses literature and rhetoric to look at how stories shape people’s understandings and experiences of race. It encourages students to examine how people talk about – or avoid talking about – race in the contemporary United States. This is an interdisciplinary course, so students will draw on history, literature, speeches and cultural changes – from scholarly texts to humor. The class is designed to empower students to confront the difficult and often thorny issues that surround us today and reach thoughtful conclusions rather than display gut reactions. A university is an academic environment where we discuss and debate a wide array of viewpoints.”

In one such “gut reaction,” Fox News tackled the issue of race by complaining about a class that focuses on educating people about issues surrounding it. Elizabeth Hasselbeck, joined by ASU student Lauren Clark, complained loudly about the thought of educating Arizona students about racism.

“All of these books have a disturbing trend and that’s pointing to all white people as the root cause of social injustices for this country,” Clark told Hasselbeck. The Fox host then wondered if ASU would offer a course titled “The Problem With Blackness” or “The Problem With Being Female.” [video]

“I don’t think that would fly at the university,” Clark said. “Quite frankly, as an ASU student myself, I’m disappointed that my school would offer a course like this. Clearly we have a lot of work to go as a society in terms of racial tension, but having a class that suggests an entire race is the problem is inappropriate, wrong, and quite frankly, counter productive.”

And here’s what conservatives have to say about the “problem.”

Though the course seems to simply educate on the issues surrounding race in the nation — and the very real problem of white privilege — those on the Right view it was “anti-white propaganda.”

Lee Bebout, the professor who teaches this necessary course, has not spoken much about the backlash he is receiving, but he did tell AZ Central in an e-mail that “the last 24 hours have been stressful with some of the vitriolic hate-mail that I have received.”

Because, of course he did.

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Ex-Fox News Employee Commits Suicide Outside of Fox News Headquarters

Ex-Fox News Employee Commits Suicide Outside of Fox News Headquarters

Former Fox News employee commits suicide outside of News Corp. Headquarters.

A man who reportedly worked for a Fox news station in Austin, Texas, killed himself this morning in front of Manhattan’s News Corporation building, which is also the home of the Fox News headquarters.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Phillip Perea shot himself in the chest around 9 a.m. after he handed out fliers…

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Break the internet

two very different stories! only one of them should be covered my all media sources non stop! but, only one of them did get media coverage. 

The Boko Haram massacres. 2000 killed 


now the kim kardashian photo shoot (intended to “break” the internet.

only one of these two stories was covered by the media for weeks!…guess which one? 

nothing makes any sense anymore! 

"Do you know any parent who has a daughter who says, ‘Honey, if you make really good grades, someday when you’re 12 or 13 we’ll get you your own stripper pole?’" Huckabee asked.

"I think that’s diminishing Beyonce in a way that’s truly outrageous," Stewart shot back, and then introduced a clip of Huckabee playing bass guitar during a Ted Nugent performance of "Cat Scratch Fever," a song loaded with sexual references.

"You excuse that type of crudeness because you agree with his stance on firearms. You don’t approve of Beyonce because she seems alien to you," Stewart said. "Johnny Cash shot a man just to watch him die — that’s some gangsta shit!"

Huckabee claimed Nugent’s song is different because “it’s an adult song.”

But Stewart didn’t buy it.

"You can’t single out a corrosive culture and ignore the one that you live in because you’re used to it," Stewart said.

Huckabee told Stewart to read his new book, “God, Guns, Grits and Gravy.”

"Oh, I read it," said Stewart.

"Did you?" Huckabee challenged. "OK."

"It ain’t Shakespeare," Stewart said.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are adopting a two year old Syrian boy named Moussa who lost both his parents. Angelina stated that part of the reason for the adoption is to bring awareness to what is happening in Syria, the civil war crisis. While Angelina was visiting a refugee camp in Jordan where little Moussa was, she starting tearing up and Moussa smiled and wrapped his arms around her. From that moment on Angelina knew she wanted to adopt him and have him as one of her own children. Many children in Syria share the same fate as little Moussa, loosing a family member or even their whole family. Now little Moussa is leaving the refugee camp and is going to live in a warm home with loving parents. I hope this good hearted action starts a chain reaction that will get people to wake up and come to the aid of the suffering in countries like Syria and all over the world, we sure need more people like Angelina and Brad.
Read more about it here

I think it’s very telling that FOX News chooses to ridicule Glozell and Bethany Mota for being “worthy” of interviewing the POTUS, showing Glozell’s food challenge videos out of context and not her inspirational videos about positivity to make her look stupid and meaningless, and only mentioning Bethany’s fashion line like it’s nothing and not a woman starting her own independent business. To make themselves look more credible they didn’t even mention Hank Green, who has done amazing things for this world through his free education programs through YouTube and his nonprofits with John. Either way, they should have been treated with the same level of respect and reverence as people who aren’t representing a biased news program and instead directly interact with large groups of subscribers.

Fox News’ Kurtz: Obama YouTube Interview Was BENEATH THE DIGNITY OF THE OFFICE

just………this is so sad lmao

14-year-old Palestinian girl Malak Al-Khattib, who is in 8th grade, has been held in Israel’s Hasharon prison for 21 days.
Today an Israeli military court sentenced her to 2 months for allegedly throwing rocks. She will continue to be held in an adult prison instead of a juvenile facility, also 6000 Shekels panelty.
Her family has been unable to visit her and has only seen her during her court appearances.
This is childhood under occupation

I seriously have a problem with Fox News' coverage of #YouTubeAsksObama

A really big one.

The whole interview (which lasted over an hour) got maybe 5 minutes of coverage, and focused entirely on GloZell and her accident calling Mrs. Obama the “first wife,” conveniently introduced and taken to commercial with clips of GloZell’s Cereal Challenge video from two years ago.

They dug back two years to find a video of GloZell in the bathtub with cereal and milk. If that doesn’t scream that they had specific intent to humiliate, I don’t know what does. Let’s list a couple of things that Fox is conveniently forgetting to mention:

Hank Green, GloZell, and Bethany Mota asked very intriguing, informative questions on topics such as:

  •  War in the Middle East
  • US-Cuban relations
  • The hell on earth that has exploded into the spotlight since Ferguson
  • The haziness around the legalization of marijuana

And a ton of other things that Fox spent zero time on.

If we’re going to focus on GloZell’s mix-up, then let’s examine it real quick here. First off, she was obviously nervous. Who wouldn’t be? GloZell never thought in her life that she’d get this opportunity and he’s the President of the United States. I’d bet some serious cash that most of the anchors at Fox would be shaking a little (at least internally) if they were to interview the POTUS. I’ll say again: what human wouldn’t be?

Second, what does it matter if that’s the specific phrase she messed up? Get over yourselves Fox, and realize that just because someone messes up the phrase “the first lady” it doesn’t mean he’s wasting his time with her. Not in the slightest.

What Fox isn’t mentioning here is that these three YouTubers have an audience of over 13,916,295 subscribers that are most likely all internet people. What do we know about internet people? Most of them hate politics, so much so that they’ll avoid it like the plague. But now there is a potential for those 13mil people to actually pay a little bit of attention. Obama has successfully reached 13mil people simply by coming to them, while Fox News sits in their studio making fun of GloZell for getting into a bathtub with milk and cereal.

I don’t expect non-YouTubers to understand why we do what we do. I don’t expect them to get why we’re willing to shove 9 marshmallows in our mouths and run the risk of choking or just plain making a fool of ourselves (the reasons for which, by the way, are all very different but very great—just watch any YouTuber’s YouTube Story video—it’ll explain everything). What I do expect is our media to adapt to the world it’s in and respect our generation when we show awesome signs of ownership in our nation and maturity, as these three wonderful people did today.

And Sean Hannity had the nerve to say he’d rather the President play a round of golf.

White House Drops ‘News’ from Fox News Placeholders at State of the Union Lunch
I imagine … if you want to go to college, you could get a part-time job and make that tuition payment even without a loan, which is available to you, and even without grants that you might be eligible for.

Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade thinks people can afford college on a part-time job. Shucks, why hasn’t anyone thought of that before? Getting a part-time job to help pay for college? Lazy, entitled millennials strike again!

In the same segment, Steve Doocy says he just finished paying off his student loans two weeks ago. And because he had to pay off his college education until he was almost eligible for Social Security, so should everyone else!

Fox News: #1 in creative reasons why universally good ideas are bad.

(h/t Wonkette)


La revue de presse de Catherine et Liliane - Le Petit Journal 19/01/15

- That’s it, Fox News apologized.

- About what they said about the No Go Zones in Paris and all that? Well they had to, they went too far. Especially since they know very well what a No Go Zone is, they are themselves a No Go Zone at FOX.

- Really?

- Well yeah, you can’t work at Fox News unless you’re a complete moron, it’s in their contracts apparently.

- It’s written?

- Ah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

- Well then you see…

- You have to be a moron.

- Oh yeah?

- Oh yes.