#teenchoice @TeenChoiceFOX is looking for the #choicedancer Let’s get @AlysonStoner as the 2015 Choice Dancer! Tweet & #hashtag & help get Alyson nominated!

This year she has been on Fire!

  • Step up: All in!
  • Her smash hit tribute Dance video to Missy Elliott (as seen above, 13.7 million views and growing).
  • She also released a new music video called Pretty Girls
  • Just wrapped up being the voice of Isabella on Disney’s Phineas & Ferb

Ye anyway here it is


(*working* game cube with at least one controller and ssbm is AUTO)
otherwise looking at all offers 120+
I had never seen a yarn tail like this and I always wanted to make one so
Tried some different stuff for this tail and I think it worked out p well
The two shorter tails are 20" and the long one is nearly 30 inches long
Finished the top with some black DF and double beltloops bc there’s no way a bolt snap hook would be that great

Would go great with a partial or a fullsuit or even just ears or whatever cosplay idk