I have to get up at 5am and work all day tomorrow so you would think I’d be sleeping but no, I’m sitting here thinking about sharks and iced coffee instead.

I may have googled the likely hood of my getting eaten by a shark at Fort Myers beach. It’s not looking good for me.

Modern Aviation’s First Fatality

“Bystanders help extricate the mortally wounded US Army (USA) Lieutenant (LT) Thomas Selfridge from the wreck of the Wright Brothers Flyer after its crash at Fort Myer, Virginia (VA). At right, several men attend the injuries of Orville Wright, who lies on the ground at their feet, 09/17/1908”

Lieutenant Selfridge became the first fatality of powered aviation, succumbing to his injuries shortly after this crash.  The flight had been part of a series of tests by Orville Wright to demonstrate the aircraft’s ability to carry a passenger.