Dearest F1 Fandom (pt. 2):

Now for the first annual F1 fandom awards!!! *plays trumpet* (as mentioned here)

So this also will take all y’alls participation. I have come up with a list of categories that you can nominate members of the f1 fandom for. If you have any idea for a category please message me the idea and who would would like to nominate for it! anytime a new category is added I will make a post about it so that others have the chance to be nominated. Obviously whoever has the most nominations in each category will be nominated. The only rule I can think of is that you can’t nominate yourself, other than that everything should be pretty self-explanatory. The categories I have come up with thus far are as follows.

  • best smile
  • most likely to faint when meeting a driver
  • most photogenic
  • most daring
  • most likely to date/marry a driver
  • most likely to work in F1
  • most likely to grab a drivers butt
  • most knowledgeable about F1
  • funniest
  • most caring
  • most positive
  • most likely to stalk a driver
  • miss/mr congeniality
  • most artistic/creative
  • best hair

If there is a category that needs to be added please let me know!

Voting/nomination period is open now!

Deadline for nominations/votes will be: March 1st.

The announcements for the awards will be: March  8th (that we we have a little something to look froward to in the week leading up to the race)

Thanks and pass it on!

Why I love Sebastian Vettel Part 5

Before I’ll start

If you have not watched PART 1

If you have not watched PART 2

If you have not watched PART 3

If you have not watched PART 4

I do talk about Seb throughout the time :p












Arriving to the paddock

Pepe Jeans photo set

Total commercial

Tirendo commercial


Talking on the phone

with a dog


Bitting his lip

I hope you have enjoyed every part of this post. This one is the last… If you have an ideas for another, you are free to tell me :D

my last pic for this post is…

hahahaha!!! Have a nice day ;) bye!!