Vampire Esquire

She waited for me
all night
she didn’t turn on
the lights
only illuminated her room with a few candles
just enough to keep darkness
at bay
and in this warm embrace
she dressed herself in black
and listened to the sound of rain
which came to her
through open balcony doors.

And when I came to her
later that night
in a same manner
she welcomed me
no longer afraid
offering herself willingly
after such a long
and forlorn wait.

[Fic] "Going Native" -- BtVS

rthstewart said: Giles, no eating or drinking in the library


It takes less than a week from the first day of school for Giles to give up on maintaining a properly clean and quiet environment in the library. He can manage the vast majority of the students — some well-timed glares and a few low-level spells to manipulate shadows, create a creeping sensation on the back of the neck, or deliver static shocks if any food or drink get too close to the stacks work wonders — but Willow’s forlorn eyes, Xander’s incessant nattering, and Buffy’s blithe disregard for minor pain rapidly force him to exempt them from his wards.

He consoles himself with another terrible jelly-filled donut as he listens to his Slayer and her friends bicker over the latest crisis in this impossible town, and doesn’t even twitch as the powdered sugar drifts down to coat the pages of his priceless book of prophecy.


OMG, an actual three-sentence ficlet! \o/


The Tartar Tent, the Gothic Church, Temple to the God Pan, the Ruined column and the Pyramid all reside in the abandoned French garden ‘Desert de Retz’. Source.

A seething, destructive blackness overtook me. Invigorated and driven by it’s sinister light, through its luciferian eyes came forth lucidity - came forth this vision. This is ‘Generation. Operation. Dissolution’. Like, reblog, and follow if you wish - more to come my friends. ~Warxpro


Chateau Clochard - The interior of this grand chateau actually no longer exists as it was destroyed by a fire in 2012. all that remains now is the grand facade. Originally built in the 1400’s a fire has been the demise of the home on 3 different occasions.

See the full history —->


Tortured Soul by Adrienne Rozzi, ink on paper, 2014.

The last few days I’ve been working on this new drawing. A Queen sits in a grotto of wild flowers and weeps, her face buried in her hands. She has power and authority yet she is tortured by the thoughts in her own mind. She sobs in her self-made black hole as nature threatens to engulf her. Wild flowers such as dahlias, poppies, hydrangea, roses, quinces, and snapdragons swirl around the forlorn Queen. Each flower symbolizes an unseen force and internal demon that plagues the fair monarch; instability, isolation, frigidity, heartache, temptation, and deception, respectively. Overhead two snakes entwined in the wreath watch the weeping woman with omniscient eyes. The snake is a symbol of cosmic energy and the ongoing cycle of death and resurrection. They are the bringers of hope for the young Queen, amidst her nest of self loathing there lurks a path to happiness and triumph. They are there to remind her that the strength to change lies within herself.


Crawford Priory is not a priory at all but called such for its resemblance to a monastery. It was in fact just the lovely home and estate to some of the Earls of Crawford in Scotland. It has been abandoned since 1968! Source