Order a sword built specifically for you. From initial design of concept through the fire and final handle assembly watch your sword come to life. Scabbard included with purchase and will vary on materials and decoration. I will start with a concept illustration based off of requested time period and other considerations. Then I will make a schematic and start the build. I blog my progress as I go so you can follow along with me. Timeline says 9-10 weeks but it can take longer depending on what is decided on.
*note: swords displayed are my creations, however items pictured are from previous builds and are not for sale.

Also, I just released some new pricing options for various lengths. Give it a look.

*Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase.


When I finished this knife, the simple fact of making a blade out of a motorcycle chain represented a great victory. I was very excited and so I ignored some execution flaws and imperfections. I just felt the shape of the handle was not good enough. In order to soothe my mind, I undid the handle and rebuild it, adding a damascus guard. Here is the result.

Hi y'all. I just finished this knife set. All full 100 layer damascus blades in 1095/15n20/52100 steel. All the blades were made from the same damascus billet but each was patterned differently as you can see. They are finished with Textured bronze bolsters and walnut handles as usual.

5.5" Single bevel Nakiri
10" double bevel chef knife
4" pairing knife

#forged #damascussteel #chefknife #bladesmith

Little More Damascus 1911 progress. Block sanded, etched and block sanded some more then polished. Now it’s time to fit it up to the #JJFU Cisco 1911 stainless steel frame. Gonna be a Nice'un! @jessejamesfirearms #blacksmith #forged #jessejames #madeintexas (at Fitzhugh Baptist Church Family Life Center)


Tong Tutorial (description of process under each photo)

Making tongs can require much energy spent drawing out and shaping if you don’t own a power hammer. Here is a technique using a slit and drift to form the boss and end. This method allows the boss to retain the mass needed to ensure a strong set of tongs.