Middle Earth Fly Fishing

Fly-fishing comes with a diversity of motivation. For some,it’s about chasing big fish, or a busy day with consistent high numbers, but for me, fly fishing’s greatest gift, is captured in those quality moments shared with like-minded people in beautiful places.  South Island New Zealand is arguably the world’s best offering for sight fishing to large trout. We literally don’t cast until we see a fish; watch it’s feeding pattern; and carefully plot our plan of attack. More than that, it’s done is gin-clear water with stunning scenery in every direction – epic mountains, glacial cut valleys and hidden back-country streams full of character (not people). You can’t help but think you are the only person for hundreds of miles.  Very simply, a summer in NZ will change your angling life.

original content and photograph Josh Hutchins

November 17, Snoqualmie River, WA

Crazy fall we have had here in the PNW.  Unusually warm well into the late October time frame and then BAM, super cold with little precipitation to speak of.  Just before the cold snap, we managed to find some fall colors and some trout on some new glass rods we were using.  Once you go retro you may never go back.  The new, and old for that matter glass rods are so much fun to cast and play fish on.  Don’t let winter keep you inside, get out and fish, enjoy the elements, it is what clothing was made for!

photo Dave McCoy


I managed to actually take a few photos on my recent trip to B.C chasing the elusive winter steelhead to catch and release. Steelheading in the winter really isnt about catching fish. Even when you end up hooking one of these incredible anadromous fish, you rarely can successfully get it in. For me, its such a great chance to detach from the day to day grind. No emails, phone calls, or life stress. Only the incredible winter river views and the hope of a tug while swinging bright flies from sunrise till sundown.