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Best places in Toronto to shop for Lolita/lolita accessories/thrift for cult party kei or fairy kei? (And not that TwyLite place bc it's such a scam w shitty replicas and costumey garbage)

I know the store you mentioned is in Kensington Market — but try the other shops in Kensington like Courage my Love for good vintage finds. I don’t know them by name, I just scour the many vintage shops when I have hours to kill.

There’s a store on Queen W that used to be called F/X but is now called Original. They carry a lot of Vivienne Westwood shoes that work for Lolita, as well as interesting tights and pettis. Original is not cheap, though.

For Classic shoes you might be interested in paying a visit to Fluevog. The shoes cost about as much as a Lolita dress, but if you’re lightning quick with your finger on the pulse of their sales you can get good deals.

And I know you’re probably aware of this, but Forever 21 can provide some fantastic Lolita finds. Like chiffon blouses and cute jewelry/hair flowers!

Tbh I realize you don’t want to shop at Twylyte but they’ve added some interesting handmade and taobao accessories recently, and their an*tai*na tea party shoes are like 40 bucks and come in every size. Don’t buy dresses there but check out what else they have to offer if you’re not completely opposed to giving them your business.

Frocktober the Fourth. Dress #2.

This is the new PUG Birdie dress, in an inhumanly beautiful mustard and purple floral. I wore it to the opening night of the New Zealand Burlesque Festival last night, and got so many comments on it. I love this dress, it is magical!

My Frocktober donation page is here - please donate if you can! (The money raised goes to the NZ Gynaecological Cancer Foundation.)

dress - Pinup Girl Clothing, pettiocat (it’s the green one) - Vamporium, shoes - Fluevog, fascinator (not that you can see it) - Pagani, pearls - gift, earrings - Paihia, NZ


Hello followers!

I’ve been chosen as a finalist for Fluevog’s Shoe Advertisement and I need all the help I can get to win! My piece is titled Style Is In Your Nature. Flamingos get their vivid coloring from the shrimp that they eat. They hold a definite sense of eloquent style just as the wearer of these Soprano Mary-Jane Pumps should feel. 

I’m counting on you to VOTE FOR ME! If you just click the link below you’ll be sent to the voting booth. You can vote once a day until May 30th. It would mean so much to have my work printed in magazines. I’d be forever grateful!

Thank you, Angela Rio.

I wore this dress to an awards show last night - the teal Lana from Pinup Girl Clothing. I wanted this dress for ages - PUG posted photos of it months before it was released, and I waited eagerly for it to happen. I snapped it up the second it became available and wore it for the first time last night. I have another dress in this style - a plain black one - so I knew the fit and quality would be amazing. However, what I wasn’t prepared for and was a little disappointed by when I first got it was the colour - it wasn’t the rich bluey teal that I expect but a true green. And the fireworks were much darker colours than I had anticipated. It didn’t meet the image I had in my mind, and after waiting so long I definitely felt disappointed. But I hung it up and waited a few days, and when I went to put it on last night I was much happier with it. I still wouldn’t say I absolutely love it, unfortunately. And I can say that about the black one in this style. It’s funny the effect our expectations can have on things.

dress - Pinup girl Clothing, petticoat - Domino Dollhouse, shoes - Fluevog, necklace - gift, earrings - Auckland, NZ


Graphic Print Skirt in the Neo Alley 

A day away from the office and I wanted to go out around the city.  I had just gone dancing at neo the night before and decided I had to do a photo-shoot in the weird painted alley.  Thursday nights at neo remind me of friday night at #’s  (“numbers” - it was named in an era when hashtags did not exist) in Houston, which is where I learned to dance in the late 90s/early 00’s.  I adore 80s dark synth, so a new wave night just takes me to the best places mentally.

I needed an outfit perfect for a cool, sunny day in Chicago - This elastic-waist skirt is heavy enough to not fly up at the slightest wind.  I love the slight touch of neon - just enough to break up the all-black.

Outfit Details
Print Skirt - Target, sz L (new/ mossimo/ runs big!) - available here
Sheer Neon Shirt - Forever 21+, sz 1X - available here
Faux Black Leather Jacket - Forever 21+, Sz XL
Black Tights - Target
Shoes - John Fluevog Selby
Triangle Necklace - Forever 21
Ring - H&M
Bag - Vince Camuto (via Nordstrom Rack)
Glasses - SEE

215# 5’9”

I finally got to wear my Collectif Faye dress out last night to a play opening (at which I consumed far too much wine, oops). I love this dress; it makes me want to flounce around and twirl and shit. The fit is perfect - it is a 1X and I think they go up to 3X or 4X in this style. What can I say, it is my new favourite LBD!

EDIT: Did I forget to mention it has a built in petticoat??? What is wrong with me? It has the most amazing built in petticoat, certainly more voluminous than any separate petticoat I have. Hence the desire to flounce and twirl while wearing it.

dress - Collectif, shoes - fluevog, belt - ASOS Curve, earrings - ASOS