The Wind asked the Directions, “Where do you live?”

“I live in the mind,” spake North, “between dreaming and wakefulness.”

“I live in the desires,” intoned South, “between deliverance and damnation.”

“I live in the emotions,” voiced East, “between abundance and emptiness.”

“I live in the flesh,” uttered West, “between vitality and apathy.”

“I live in the spirit,” declared Center, “between chaos and serenity.”

“We have answered your question, Wind,” said the Directions. “Now tell us, where is it you live?”

The Wind replied, “I live in the will, where lies a road in every direction twixt the everlasting sky and the everchanging earth.

out of fear/insecurity, i’ve never actually published a personal zine- until now. this is a new project I will have ready at LB Zine Fest. so far, it’s a zine about acknowledging the trauma that has accumulated inside my cells, the awkward road of healing/changes that come along with it, and the beautiful + terrifying process of relearning how to exist in the body i wake up in.