Nearly Headless Nick really needs to stop all of this gossip. It’s only like, 75% true


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i mean— you’ve got wizards and witches who are the children of cossacks, probably, and the children of orthodox priests; in the 1500s and 1600s you have the protestant reformation (AND SOMEBODY TELL ME HOW THE HELL WIZARDS DEALT WITH THAT PLEASE WHAT IS WIZARDING RELIGION) and a bunch of calvinist/lutheran/what have you princes fighting over germany; in towns all over eastern europe jews are shunted into the jewish quarter, have their own corners of shtetls, are eventually shoved into ghettos; jews are actively persecuted and murdered through the 19th and 20th centuries

there’s no fucking way that jewish kids went to durmstrang; for one thing, it’d mean leaving their villages and their families, becoming strangers in a strange land, mingling with goys and— god forbid— assimilating; for another thing, if it were run by christians (which, like, what wasn’t) there’s no way in hell durmstrang would ever let them in

what???? did ashkenazi jews do if their children were magical and needed jewish educations???

a traveling rabbi who went from village to village and took children with him? faraway schuls in kiev and moscow and prague? the whole village would have to know, you can’t just take the tailor’s only son off to a foreign land without everyone in the shtetl knowing exactly why; the butcher’s daughter isn’t just disappearing without a fuss

would they teach the boys and the girls together? definitely not— but how inconvenient to teach them separately! (and what a to-do there must have been over the idea of teaching the girls at all.) and what does god have to say about this whole practice; isn’t it written, you shall not suffer a witch to live? but doesn’t the talmud teach pikuach nefesh, you shall live by the torah and not die by it, and how many lives could magic save?

and why is the world of harry potter so small

I wonder if there are some guys worth waiting for or whether they are wonderful because they were written on pages where words could be erased.

A boyfriend:
Smart like Ezra
Protective like Damon
Seductive like Christian
Fancy like Gatsby
Loyal like Severus
Respectful like Darcy
Romantic like Gus
Brave like Tobias
Comprehensive like Caleb
Funny like Isaac
Noble like Patch
Rebel like Travis
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