Photo group 1 of the otter fursuit I completed about a week ago (sans feet). This is my second personal suit next to Tristan. :) Since it was a personal project, it took me a while to get around to getting it done. The body has been done for over a year but the head was only recently finished.

I’m thinking about attaching the hands and feet (when done) to the body to eliminate as many lumps and bumps as possible.

Some answers to questions I have gotten about the suit:

  • The whole suit is made from seal/super seal/beaver fur. It’s not stretch fur. Being seal fur though, it’s really hard to hide seams. :/
  • You can buy seal/beaver/super seal fur on many different websites under those various names, but I bought these specific colors here:
  • I didn’t do anything different when making this body than would anyone else do to make a bodysuit. There are no darts or magic, it’s just tighter.
  • Yes, it is flexible and yes I have full range of motion. :) The key to giving a fursuit utmost flexibility is the way it is cut to your body. You can still have a baggy and saggy fursuit that cuts painfully into your armpits or groin if you lift up your arms. What helped me in making my body was observing the shapes used in the patterns of fitted clothing.

I’m always open to critiques about my work! :)