Scotland (2014)

Hiya! My name is Lauren, I am an art student pursuing a BFA with an emphasis in photography. My main focus is travel photography and that’s what I share on my photography blog here. I’m an avid traveler and most of my work is from throughout western Europe and the United Kingdom (I frequent Scotland more than any other country outside of the US as my significant other lives there). My dream is to get hired to photograph for a travel company and get published. I also enjoy photographing people and have experience in portraiture, weddings and family events- as well as experience in horse show and pet photography. 

I currently shoot with a Nikon D7000 and a Canon FTb.

A Place to Rest by smashingshare
Took this shot few days back with Canon 600D (infrared converted). Used only SilverEfex pro and lot’s of Dodge/Burn. Hope you will like it. As always appreciate your share and feedback. Inspired by: Nathan Wirth
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