i cropped this cuz its nsfw but you can just go here if you wanna see idk

i have no idea how my wrist is gonna feel about this in the morning but i guess????? im back?????? in the game?????????????

[03/10] Happy birthday Shishio-sensei (≧▽≦) | Inspired by (x)


Rick: I know we’ll never get things back to the way they used to be. I only clung to that for you. For Judith. Now she’s gone. And you’re a man, Carl. You’re a man. I’m sorry.

CarlYou don’t need to be.


"We don’t care about fame. We want to live our normal life like any other robot in any robot city…"

I’ve been feeling pretty down recently so I compiled a list of my favourite happy/motivational quotes from each robot to cheer me up. I hope it makes you a little happier too! ♥

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Thaïs (Greek: Θαΐς) was a famous Greek hetaera who lived during the time of Alexander the Great and accompanied him on his campaigns. She is most famous for instigating the burning of Persepolis. At the time, Thaïs was the lover of Ptolemy I Soter, one of Alexander’s generals. It has been suggested that she may also have been Alexander’s lover, on the basis of Athenaeus’s statement that Alexander liked to “keep Thais with him”, but this may simply mean he enjoyed her company. She is said to have been very witty and entertaining. Athenaeus also says that after Alexander’s death Ptolemy married Thaïs, who bore him three children.

Happy Birthday the first JM fanfic I ever read! One year later and this is still the closest they’ve come to macking, pfft.

Thanks yolownly for dragging us into Jeanmarco hell with Like a Drum. It’s nice and toasty here. <33


"only three things can ruin a man: fame, women and twelve-year-old whiskey." - ryan ross [throam: vol.1 ch.1 pg.24]

"only three things can ruin a man: fame, men and twelve-year-old whiskey." - ryan ross [throam: vol.3 ch.1 pg.10]


get to know me meme

     ➥ [6] favourite anime characters: Ulquiorra Cifer (Bleach)

"What is a heart?"