Final Fantasy XV - English Language Trailer 

Coming for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. 

The latest issue of Jump is floating around the web and word is we have our first look at a new key visual and a new female character tied to Final Fantasy XV. Her identity remains unknown for now but according to the scan’s description she is a “so-called mechanic” who doesn’t care too much about oil smeared on her face. She can be seen conversing with Noctis’s friends.

Also included in the magazine are several new screenshots from the game including the game’s seamless world in which players can view a changing scenery by driving, a look at the various party member weapons and an image of Noctis in encounter with Titan. (source)

The latest issue of Shonen Jump has a fairly big feature of Final Fantasy XV with new details and screenshots, and it all has started to leak online even though the issue isn’t out yet. According to Hokanko, the new screenshots shows a new city, big vehicles, allies’ weapons and a huge titan like creature trying to crush Noctis with its feet (pictured in the leaked scan above). Alongside these new details, the article reveals a new female character. We don’t know her name yet but it seems she is wearing a jumpsuit and goggles. The Japanese sources are speculating that she could even be the Cid of Final Fantasy XV.

It’s very likely we will be seeing her soon since the scans tend to leak a few days after the information. There is also Jump Festa to look forward to this weekend, where we will be getting a brand new Final Fantasy XV trailer, which is most likely featuring the new female character as well. (source)

A scan from a preview of Final Fantasy XV in the newest issue of V Jump reveals a scant handful of new details about the game to pore over.

Chief among them is a new female character that’s shown off in the screenshot on the bottom-left side of the page. Other than her goggled getup and the fact that she’s described as a mechanic, her identity remains completely under wraps.

Meanwhile, in the bottom right screenshot, a fight with a Titan whose foot alone is potentially enough to do in Noctis and company is depicted. As with the mysterious woman, the magazine provides little material to go off of that isn’t already visible on the page. (x)