To celebrate the 2 year anniversary of Skullgirls’ existence in the public realm, here are the various stages of transformation that Filia went through. 

Originally, she was a growth out of what would become Samson, but eventually flipped around. She also became more streamlined and simpler, with fewer default tendrils and other adjustments.

The sprites and style went through a handful of changes before we ended up on the final hand-drawn look you see in the game now.

Pixels are pretty fun, I should dabble in it again some time. I feel like I’ve learned a lot since the earlier stuff, and it’d be neat to try again. @3@;


Another week, another weekly Skullgirls tee! 

This week is featuring a design by Gashi-Gashi!

Grab it before the curtains close on June 23rd!

EDIT: The outline in the artwork is now white rather than yellow-orange.


Schools out! But this weekly Skullgirls tee is in! Designed by the creative director Alex Ahad himself!

Grab this tee before June 9th before it goes on summer break!